Since the pandemic took over the world, people are stuck in their homes. They find ways of entertainment that will kill their time at home. The best way to entertain oneself is by watching movies. It is good to leave the tension of the world aside and let yourself swim into the world of movies. Whereas some may resolve to on- demand movie/ series/ documentary streaming services such as Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, paying a subscription fee may be quite expensive for them. Telegram as a tool is another way many online users are able to access music, albums, mobile applications, software etc. all in one place. However, today’s focus will be on strictly movies/ series and how to watch them online for free.

Netflix & HBO –  Some of the on-demand steaming services
Netflix & HBO – Some of the on-demand steaming services (Picture: Media Play News)

When you start surfing about websites delivering free movies, you may come across many illegal websites or websites that are not safe for your website. Some websites often have hidden charges or too many advertisements that won’t stop popping up on the screen. Some of you might hate the signing up or registration process of these sites. So, if you are looking for websites to watch free movies without signup, you have landed at the right place. Here you will find some amazing, out of the box websites that are delivering high-quality movies for free and without any need for signup. To start getting free entertainment today, read on:


After looking at the name of the website you must be able to guess that this website is free to watch. So Fmovies is an online streaming website that is catering users with a range of different movies and TV shows totally free of cost and without any hassle to sign up. Fmovies is serving users with a variety of genres that will knock their socks off. Either you want to see a thriller movie or a horror one, a romantic or a comedy, everything is available in the big library of Fmovies. You will be given timely updates and notifications on freshly released movies and seasons here by just logging in to watch free. To keep yourself away from the hassle of the registration process or signing up, visit F movies.


To enjoy entertaining sitcoms and movies, Soap2day is an ideal website that keeps you away from any hassle. This advertisement free website is amazing as it doesn’t require any signup process before you start watching videos. Many people who visit such websites are in a certain mood. However, Soap2day offers entertainment for anyone searching for any genre here. You will find movies here that would be romantic, thriller, suspense and you can find several TV shows here too. Just logon to Soap2Day and find a hundred choices that you are looking for. Things are made easier for you to search by displaying them in their specific categories.


To see the biggest stars of the big screen on your screen, you shall visit Vumoo. Vumoo tries its best that it doesn’t make any interference with the entertainment of its users, by neglecting any need of making annoying accounts and signing upon them. It doesn’t even charge a single penny to entertain you. Whatever you have seen in the media, either its recently released or an old one, Vumoo offers everything to the users on its website. As you click on the desired movie you want to play, the website will show you its ratings, directors, stars, and the runtime side by side. The website is widely popular because of its easy access to users and the videos it offers are all of high quality.


You must have started guessing by the name that this website says movies for you that are free. You can reap films, documentaries, sitcoms, anime, and many other videos for free from its big library. M4U website will let you enjoy your favorite films without any advertisements or popups. The website facilitates its users, hence, it is assorted in several categories, so you can choose directly the genre you want to see at that moment. You can search according to your mood from the genres of romance, thriller, suspense or comedy, etc. Moreover, the highlighted popularity of this website is that it offers everything to users on a single click, they do not require to pay anything or even no signup is required to start watching their favorite shows.


CmoviesHD must also come on the top names of the websites providing TV shows and movies for free. This top website lets you explore different kinds of movies without any hassle of the sign-up process. The users can even download these movies or watch them for free online. Providing a varied range of genres, this website is all in one station for you. To get uninterrupted streaming and high-definition videos you must visit CmoviesHD. Either you want to thrill yourself, cry of laughter, or fall in love, here you will find everything catering to your emotions. This website is a great pick among users for no signup is required for entertainment.


If you are confused about what you should watch right now, Yesmovies is a great assistant. It is not only serving great movies and Tv shows, along with that it allows users to watch trailers and peek into shows and movies before they start watching. A wide variety of media content is available on YesMovies so you can watch with one click, without any need for the signup process. Various genres are categorized here so users can select according to their mood without any pop-ups or advertisements. Along with this, it will cater to you with movie ratings, info about the cast, the quality of the selected videos, genre, and other information of your choice. To watch free movies from Hollywood or Bollywood, you must-visit YesMovies.

Now you can watch anything, as you have already found a list of several websites that are serving free movies without signup. Start watching back-to-back movies that are free of cost and advertisement free on any website you may choose from here. All of them are providing legal content and are totally safe for your device. None of the websites will allow any virus, trojans, or malware to enter your device. So, what are you waiting for, quickly grab your popcorn and stream great movies in excellent video quality now!

The year promises huge movie releases such as Fast & Furious 9 (F), Monster Hunter, among others ahead, so in case you are unable to part with a few shillings to rent it or pay for a streaming service, you may consider any of these above. 😉

For the mean time, here’s the list of the most anticipated films expected to drop this year. Which is your favorite? and can’t wait to watch? Share in the comments section.

Written with context from Ameyaw Debrah.