And it another in the bag for Victoria Larsen!! 👑

The 21-year-old beauty queen from Denmark, has been crowned Miss Supranational Europe 2024 in a stunning display of beauty, grace, and intelligence.

The event, held in Nowy Sącz, Lesser Poland, brought together talented contestants from across Europe, but Larsen’s poise, elegance, and powerful message of unity and empowerment set her apart.

As a student of Communications at Syracuse University in New York, Larsen has been actively involved in social initiatives, particularly those focusing on women’s rights and education. Her advocacy work, combined with her natural charm and intelligence, made her a favorite among the judges.

Larsen’s passion for addressing homelessness shines through in her initiative, Sheltering Souls, which aims to raise awareness and provide support to homeless individuals. As Miss Supranational Europe 2024, she will represent Europe on international platforms and work on her chosen causes.

The Miss Supranational 2024 pageant was a night to remember, featuring spectacular performances, stunning outfits, and heartwarming moments of camaraderie among contestants. Larsen’s win is a testament to her dedication, intelligence, and the bright future ahead.

Congratulations to Victoria Larsen, Miss Supranational Europe 2024!