The long-awaited music video for ‘Majje’ finally arrived yesterday and the crowds are loving every bit of it!

It shall be important to remember that Azawi was lined up as one of Guinness’ brand ambassadors last year hence leading up to the concept of “shining brightest” at not only her “African Music” album listening party, but in her music videos, and performances too.

The latest being the beer brand and Swangz Avenue’s team up to produce the accompanying music video for her stirring collaboration with rap star, Fik Fameica.

Directed by Sasha Vybz, the video is slated to be premiered this Friday at midday.

The collaboration is the fifth effort off her critically acclaimed debut album;- African Music, and was among the stand-out fan favorites upon release thereby leaving many yearning for its music video.  

Upon the video starting, we are graced by the sight of Azawi mounted on a horse, taking a stroll through a taxi (Ugandan matatu), an infested street to the amazement of onlookers. The scene takes a likeness to new Netflix release, The Harder They Fall.

Azawi on a horse (Picture: Scene from music video)

Sasha Vybz, who also doubles as one of the influencers signed to the Black Shines Brightest campaign is behind the lens with fellow influencers Malaika Nyanzi and Uncle Mo who too are Guinness influencers making cameo appearances in it; fulfilling collaboration, a key aspect of the ‘Black Shines Brightest’ campaign.

Azawi & Fik Fameica Unleash Cinematic Visuals For ‘MAJJE’. WATCH HERE 1 MUGIBSON
Malaika Nyanzi and Uncle Mo (Picture: Media)

According to Uncle Mo, he felt excited being on the set of a video shoot for the very first time. On a lighter note, he says he felt like the groupie since he considers himself the only “non-celeb” among the collective of four. Mo says he spent most of his time sneaking a selfie or two with Sasha Vybz. He however appreciates that his skillset got him on the Black Shines Brightest campaign for an opportunity to share such moments of greatness with the other influencers.

For Sasha Vybz, it was more than business as usual collaborating with all the other talents from Guinness’ Black Shines Brightest Campaign on a video set as it called for him to manifest the real magic the campaign represents.

Sasha notes that his assignment was to bring out the spirit of the campaign which  is energetic, empowering and celebrating individuals coming together, fizzing with optimism, creativity and potential as they unite to take on the opportunities to create moments and content to be enjoyed by everyone.

Azawi & Fik Fameica Unleash Cinematic Visuals For ‘MAJJE’. WATCH HERE 2 MUGIBSON
Malaika Nyanzi and Sasha Vybz (Picture: Media)

Speaking about the experience, Azawi notes that working with creative minds that understand one’s craft is the smoothest thing ever.

”My experience was smooth that’s why the production was swift and on point. Remember collective efforts yield results and we delivered a masterpiece! Majje is a hustlers’ anthem and I couldn’t be any prouder of my Black Shines Brightest tribe.”

The 25-year-old was also this very week named among MTV Base’ Artists to watch; just like was the case by Okay Africa, BBC Spotlight, and YouTube Music, among others.

Do take a look at the Sasha Vybz “Majje” Direction below:

Written with context from Matooke Republic.