Afro-pop, R&B Versatile Singer and songwriter Bruce Dickson yesterday released his debut body of work; an Extended Play by the name “100 Smiles”.

The EP is a solo effort and carries a total of 5 tracks. To mark this very important step of his career, Bruce threw a listening party at Karibu Grill and Lounge in Bugolobi; a place which he says was part of his making as an artist as in his early days, he always actively participated in their karaoke/ band night sessions. He has also previously also had stints at Laparonis and The Drop in Muyenga whose Karaoke Sessions he never misses, and also continues to perform.

While speaking to the press, he also revealed that it was here that the organizers of the Pearl Of Africa Talent Search Show discovered him and encouraged him to participate. Taking on the new challenge before him, Bruce was able to crack the Top 50, Top 20, and eventually Top 6; emerging the winner from the Western leg of the singing contest.

Bruce Dickson’s passion for music has always been something he carries within him and isn’t afraid to share and proudly shows off. It is little wonder majority of the revelers at his EP listening party were work colleagues, friends, family and former POA Star Search comrades.

The event was hosted by Media Personality Brian Wako and went on for about 2 and a half hours of pure melodies, guest performances, and artist-fan engagement.

In his own words, the name of the project was inspired by life and the fact that every single day, Life offers us a hundred reasons to smile hence titling it ‘100 Smiles’ the EP. It was produced at Paper Town Studios and all solely by Mio Made.

Asides from this project, Bruce Dickson Atwooki who we have all come to know as Bruce Dickson has singles “Guba Mukwano”, “None of Your Business”, and “Kyendiko”.

While in a Question & Answer session, when asked what the biggest challenge artist face, he noted that it is mainly around the struggle to find one’s voice and the other obvious which is finance; more so as an independent artist. It is costly to record and later on promotional costs.

In between his sets, Bruce performed a medley of covers including Irene Ntale’s ‘Sembela’, Kenneth Mugabi’s “Naki”, “Kibun’omu”, and ‘Born in Africa’ by Philly Bongole Lutaaya, Zulitums’ ‘Oluvannyuma’, among others.

Going by this project, it is safe to say that Bruce Dickson is one of those Talent show products that are here to stay for a longer time, thanks to his passion and consistency.

‘100 Smiles’ the EP by Bruce Dickson is out now and streaming. Still stuck between “Without You” and “Need You Right” for a favorite song. Do tap in to listen below and share which is your favorite record there: