Following the release of his commercially acclaimed debut July EP – Baby Steps, Joshua Baraka last Friday dropped a follow up track.

With vocal appearances from Akeine, 9loo & Chxf Barry, CLOSER is a unique blend of R’n’B, pop with African rhythms and percussions and tells a story of a cold heart warmed once more.

The 3minute 31second song is about falling in love with someone unknowingly because of their consistency and putting in the work to love you. It is about giving out the keys to a heart you locked up without even realizing it.”

Commenting on what the song means to her, Akeine remarked:

Mpumuza - Akeine ft. CXNRVD | An Xpressions UG Session - YouTube
Akeine (Picture: YouTube, XPRESSIONS UG)

“Closer is a song about intrusion. Someone getting into your mind through persistence and actually conquering it, conquering you and making you realize they were what you wanted even when you didn’t know and now you love it and you’re happy.”

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