If he isn’t in studio recording music, or gaming in his leisure time, swimming, then he must most probably be locked and concentrated somewhere playing the guitar or even reading some literature; could be poetry or anything so long as it is worth reading; dear reader, I am talking to you about Mwesigwa Cohen Jaycee, that is better known by his stage name “Kohen Jaycee”.

He is a Ugandan RnB Singer/Vocalist. He started out as a live performer at young age doing poetry and acoustic music. He later on started performing covers of popular song titles like Ceaserous’ “Dangerous”, Munakampala by Ykee Benda, International pop success; Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You’ among others which he used to share on his Facebook and other social media platforms as a medium for promoting himself as an artist. He over the time gained quite a following. Kohen later went on to release an EP and a few follow up singles; and just last year in November on the 15th, he offered the world the real “game changer” in his career when he put out his “WENA” EP under BANTU VIBES and KHN Music.
Jaycee’s offering was composed of a fusion of Urban Soul and Contemporary Acoustic music. He brought and gave the WENA EP life by singing in both English and a blend of some lyrics in our very own local languages right here. The delightful eight track EP had guest producers; Abaasa, Chef Barry, Baru, Axon, Herbert Skillz and Alvin Brown. The singles on there are:
Hey There
Twala Nze
Your Number
No Letting Go
Ndi Naawe

It (WENA EP) explores the theme of love, and courtship. Backed by the EP’s catchy lyrics on laid back yet danceable melodic beats which is evident on most tracks; showing off the artist’s RnB basics and proving his versatility. The title track, “Wena” on its own lives up to its billing and does not disappoint as it is equally infectious. Most people’s favorite track on here must be “Not Letting Go” however allow me shift your attention to the song; “Ndi Naawe”. Ndi Naawe is a Luganda phrase to mean, “I am with you all the way; through thick and thin”. K.J’s note of commitment to his girlfriend he sings for in the song; as a reassurance that she is the only one in his world; even though he sees very many beautiful girls wherever he goes, she still is the one his heart and mind is glued to. Now about that was about the audio. Now, let’s discuss its video.

In the closing week of February 2020, Jaycee did share a tweet to his followers that at first came off as photos taken at a “Bae-Cation” or something of the sort; since the four frames of the photos were captioned #NdiNaawe and a heart emoji.

it was later revealed that those were scenes from the video shoot for the Ndi Naawe song. Yesterday, 8th March (International Women’s Day), at 7PM, Kohen did premiere the long-awaited music video on his YouTube channel. This Amazing Story was brought to life by the joint effort of Shari Mwanika (The Director), the Executive Producer (Afsa Umutesi), the beautiful love story we enjoy to watch was written by Belinda Katumba; with the Director of Photography being Higa Katusiime, whereas the Art Director role was taken up by Gerald Puto, Timothy Bhatia (Producer) and Jaycee’s muse in the music video was the lovely Khan Neema Sandra. Other notable mentions include; Emmanuel Gashumba, and Arnold Mugasha.
The “Ndi Naawe” music video opens with scenes of Kohen Jaycee seated composing song lyrics for the love of his life. She (Neema Khan) walks in and the two head for the kitchen preparing what supposedly looks like breakfast as they cuddle, and play about; just like lovers do.


Midway the video (at 2:00) he leads her with a blindfold to a candlelit  bedroom; still in the same house (room) where he bends his one knee and pops the question. I give kudos to this music video and everyone involved in its successful making process because of its simplicity, classic yet still interesting to watch feat at the same time. I super loved the lighting in this one for sure and how the producer would partition the video into three for the viewer to follow through.

team he worked with when making the video

I do applaud for the person who was behind the camera too; those angle shots were really amazing. The entire song’s music video leaves you wanting more for sure; not just because the song’s audio is short but the chemistry between the characters in the song make the story worthy the follow.
Kohen Jaycee is generally one to watch out for as he checks all the boxes from putting out quality work to consistency. We can’t wait to see him take over the urban music market in the region soon. In case you enjoyed the review or even the Music video to Track number 6 on the Extended Play (EP), be sure to stream the entire project on Tidal. Simply go to your phone’s Google Play Store or App Store, search for Tidal and install.

Kohen Jaycee

Dial *165*66# thereafter which you’ll be allowed a 30day FREE trial and you can be able to listen to this solid project from this very talented young man on the go. Enjoy!