Marshmello and Demi Lovato team up on new mental health awareness song ‘OK Not to Be OK’

Marshmello and Demi Lovato team up on new mental health awareness song ‘OK Not to Be OK’ 1 MUGIBSON WRITES

The month of September each year is always dedicated to raising awareness around suicide prevention and breaking stigma around mental health and wellness. It is therefore known as the ‘National Suicide Prevention Month’. However, the day of September 10th is when intensive efforts are put in to provide information, resources to this uplift those that need this support the most.

Demi Lovato as an artist has been quite vocal about her own mental health, and used her platforms and position to encourage, fund, share hope, to those who might be going through mental breakdowns and crises. She has from time to time addressed her own battles with depression and eating disorders in the past, such as in her 2017 documentary ‘Simply Complicated’, and her near-fatal drug overdose in 2018 hence taking a break from the industry and focused on her health then.

She returned earlier this year by performing the ballad “Anyone” at the Grammy Awards. She followed it with the more upbeat “I Love Me” and the Sam Smith collaboration “I’m Ready.” Demi also returned to the screen with a guest appearance on “Will & Grace” and a cameo in the Netflix comedy “Eurovision”.

Thursday 10th September (Global/National Suicide Prevention Day), Demi Lovato together with Marshmello shared a new single ‘OK Not to Be OK’. The track was released in partnership with not-for-profit agency Hope for the Day, which raises awareness and conversation around suicide prevention and mental health education.

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“We are excited to be teaming up with Demi Lovato and Marshmello on this project to break the stigma around mental health on world suicide prevention day,” Hope for the Day founder and CEO Jonny Boucher wrote in a statement. “Hope for the Day’s work in suicide prevention and mental health education thrives when we collaborate with others and what better than two of the largest artists in the world to work with on a track to break the stigma around mental health on world suicide prevention day reminds everyone that it’s OK not to be OK.”

The song – penned by Gregory “Aldae” Hein, James Gutch and James Nicholas Bailey & Demi Lovato – serves “as a humbling reminder that it’s ok to let go of feelings of self-doubt and embrace the fact that we’re all human”. According to a press release, Marshmello and Lovato will be using their respective platforms to “uplift others and help provide resources for those that need it most” as part of the partnership with Hope for the Day.

The “OK Not to Be OK” 2minutes 39seconds pop dance single was released under Joytime Collective Island; American music producer Marshmello’s record label. The track is the first crossover between producer Marshmello and Demi Lovato.  The song sings of how one feels when discouraged and desperate and the preconception it received with our internal experience. In the track, Lovato sings:

“When you’re high on emotion/ And you’re losing your focus/ And you feel too exhausted to pray/ Don’t get lost in the moment/ Or give up when you’re closest/ All you need is somebody to say/ It’s okay not to be okay,” she sings in the song.

Both artists teased the collaboration through their social media accounts; shortly prior to its release. Marshmello teased on Instagram that Demi and him were releasing a new one:

Sharing colorful, dreamlike artwork for the new single on Instagram, Lovato encouraged her followers to invest in their own self-care:

Earlier this week, Lovato opened up about her own mental health, telling Good Morning America about her mission to raise awareness about the stigmas that surround it.

“There are so many people, more than ever before that are feeling exactly what you’re feeling,” Lovato said. “When you are struggling, sometimes you tend to seek out permanent solutions for temporary problems, but those have lasting impacts that make a ripple effect in so many people’s lives. There are people there that love you and care about you and that will answer the phone if you call.” “And if they’re not there for you,” she added, “put on my music and I’ll be there.”

She shared an almost similar message while announcing the release of her new team up with Marshmello:

Still lending their voices to break down the stigma around mental health, both Demi Lovato and Marshmello in their partnership with the organization Hope for the Day, released an accompanying uplifting nostalgic visual as directed by Hannah Lux Davis (Ariana Grande, Drake) (who has directed many of Lovato and Marshmello’s past music videos) sees both Lovato and Marshmello suddenly waking up in their childhood bedrooms. While exploring their pasts, they meet themselves as children, and face these younger, more insecure versions of themselves. All four of them let off some steam by destroying their rooms and eventually find peace on long bike rides and walks together beneath a mesmerizingly colorful sky. The video ends with information about “Hope for the Day” and resources for suicide prevention. A dedicated website that has been set up, where the track can be streamed, do quizzes, play games to help with their mental health and mood setting. There’s also an icon when clicked redirects one to the Hope for the Day site for help. Still on the Ok Not To Be site is a playlist of both Demi Lovato and Marshmello’s music and more. check it out at: It has a 90’s look. The site’s look replicates the interface of how a computer using Micorosft Windows Operating system of back in the day looked like.

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Ok Not To Be Okay | Artwork

“OK Not to Be OK” is currently number #2 in the United Sates iTunes charts, behind Major Lazer, Mr Eazi, Nicki Minaj and K4mo’s ‘Oh My Gawd’ only coming before Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s ‘WAP’. It’s also the only song in the top 5 that is being sold for $1.29. It is also doing so well on Spotify, debuting and amassing over 2.31Million streams in a single day. 🔥 Also, when you make a post on Twitter with the hashtag ‘#OKNotToBeOK’, a tweemoji of one smiling emoji and a frowning emoji both appear on that post. How cool is that?

In case it helps, here are the lyrics: 😊💜

Marshmello & Demi Lovato – OK Not to Be OK [Lyrics]

[Verse 1]

Feeling like a drop in the ocean

That don’t nobody notice

Maybe it’s all just in your head

Feeling like you’re trapped in your own skin

And now your body’s frozen

Broken down, you’ve got nothing left


When you’re high on emotion

And you’re losing your focus

And you feel too exhausted to pray

Don’t get lost in the moment

Or give up when you’re closest

All you need is somebody to say


It’s okay not to be okay

It’s okay not to be okay

When you’re down and you feel ashamed

It’s okay not to be okay

[Verse 2]

Feeling like your life’s an illusion

And lately, you’re secluded

Thinking you’ll never get your chancе

Feeling like you got no solution

It’s only ’cause you’re human

No control, it’s out of your hands




When you’re high on emotion

And you’re losing your focus

And you feel too exhausted to pray (Ah-ha)

Don’t get lost in the moment

Or give up when you’re closest

All you need is somebody to say


Stream it here:

The official music video for ‘OK Not to Be Ok is already at 2Million views+. Check it out below:

Marshmello has released a string of singles this year, working with Halsey on the hit “Be Kind” and producing the posthumous Juice Wrld single “Come & Go.” He is expected to release his fourth album Joytime IV this fall.

Kind reminder, it is okay not to be okay sometimes. Also, read: The Happiness Lie, Why it is okay not to be okay.