Rickman Manrick; one of the sounding names in the Ugandan music picture and has to his name club bangers Naki, Naye Tunyumirwe,  ‘Okilinamu Obuzibu‘, and night life lover’s favorite ‘Bango‘ is set to release a new song in the is dubbed the new beginning with his record label Trent Music international.

Through his official Instagram, Rickman revealed that he will be releasing a remix version of his ‘Galiwa gwe’ track, but this time featuring his old-time friend Galiwango.

With all dates set for this release, Trent music will also be unveiling a fresh talent, a new name on the musical block; DolvGvng. DolvGvng is set to debut a single titled ‘Bestie’, a love song with an urban touch of musical feel.

17th September 2020 is set to be the release date for both ‘Galiwa gwe’ and ‘Bestie’ and are to be available on all online music streaming and downloading sites/apps. You can get both of these songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, iHeart radio App, Tidal,  iTunes, Amazon and your other favorite music service.

Rickman, DolvGvng   Dougg Poundz and Pasha Amaro are the names inked under Trent music and a number of projects are expected to coming straight from the entertainment group. All loves of good will have to refresh their playlist this Thursday with more great music coming out of this camp.

Article by Daniel Qwizus. Qwizus is a budding media personality, online content creator, and music enthusiast. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.