After nearly a year of being in the making, Shawn is finally proud to announce that his debut Extended Play ‘After The Pain’ is out now! Well, the project takes one on a roller-coaster of emotions, which can be heard in each lyric, each word.

Maine opened the year by first featuring on ChweziMadeIt’s ‘Its Crazy’ in April, and also made an appearance on close friend and collab mate Lamu for her EP ‘No Pressure’ featuring on track number 6; ‘Need’. After the mini break, he came back to serve musical sauce mid this month by releasing ‘Run’, which we later found to serve as the second single off the EP!

An End of October (30th) date of release was set, and ‘After The Pain’ has since been on pre-order, and eventually released today. In a brief exclusive listening party held at Kenjis Mojo yesterday as attended by media personalities, deejays, music pundits & enthusiasts, Shawn performed parts the EP live, and did some acoustic versions of some (with guitar backing by Baraka Joshua). I thought I liked ‘Run’, but watching it being performed on nothing but a guitar really took me by storm twice as much. Here’s a recap of his interview earlier on Urban TV:

The event was then proceeded with a Q & A session, to which the ‘Show You’ singer shared details about this project. First and foremost was about the captivating title; ‘After The Pain’, and what inspired it. Shawn says that, in case you have been listening to his music closely (more so the releases from the past years) and with much attention to detail, you’d realize that it has always had chasing someone who is playing hard to get, and unrequited love themes. This project therefore covers the sequel with a little light at the end of the chase, with Shawn finding love, but still bringing back the feel of his former intimate longing self and how former heartbreaks have shaped him.

On the project are 5 tracks:

  1. See Me Now
  2. Run
  3. Do It
  4. I Hope
  5. After 5

‘After The Pain’ comes with a 13 minutes total listening time. Talk of being short and sweet. Okay, enough of the talking; lets get t the goods:-  

Shawn announced the release of the project today at 10;13AM saying:

Stream “After The Pain – EP” on  all digital music Platforms: stream, enjoy, share, repeat! Happy release day, Shawn.