Ever since the lockdown prevailed and we were advised to resort to staying at home as a preventive measure for preventing the spread of the current global pandemic, the one thing that has continued to become popular is challenges on social media platforms as people keep their creative guards high and come up with the different virtual challenges to stay entertained and distracted. And more specifically, challenges on the popular platform; TikTok. From the ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’, ‘flip the switch’, ‘Pillow challenge’, ‘Utawezana challenge’ then the ‘Show Your Wardrobe challenge’ with the latest challenge to join in being the now very much viral ‘Vogue Challenge’.

The new challenge that has since gone viral on social media is focused at mainly uplifting Black creatives that have been largely neglected by the fashion industry. Called the #VogueChallenge, it originated on TikTok in mid-May before taking on a new meaning amid widespread Black Lives Matter movements over the past few weeks. The challenge went viral on both Twitter and Instagram, where thousands of Black users are imagining their own versions of Vogue covers.

The four-cover challenge was first done by Oslo-based student Salma Noor who first posted a black and white shot of herself by photographer, Angèlique Culvin, with the Vogue logo and a headline reading, “being Black is not a crime” as a kind of protest.

The Top 8 Glamorous Ugandan Vogue Challenge Posts listed: 1 MUGIBSON

“I am a Black, young Muslim woman who wanted to create something new while speaking on something that is very important,” shared Noor. “I chose Vogue because it’s the standard one strives to reach, and it is one of my favorite magazines.” Though she never imagined that the idea would become a worldwide trending topic, Noor is pleased to see a diverse set of creatives in the spotlight. “I was happy to see so many beautiful faces and talented photographers like Angelique that don’t get enough credit for their hard work,” she told Vogue. “I would [also] like to see more models of different ethnicities and skin colors, [exposure for] those without a big platform.” Having started the challenge a week ago but not received the credit she deserves; Salma went ahead and spear headed the #VogueChallenge tweeting:


Some of the artists that have participated in the challenge have given their covers the title ‘Vogue Africa’ and back here: ‘Vogue Uganda’, a magazine that does not currently exist but whose concept Business of Fashion made a case for over two years ago. A Pan-African approach wouldn’t necessarily “deny or reject any individual country or the extraordinary diversity that exists throughout the continent,” as Business of Fashion reasoned. Instead, it could operate like Vogue Arabia, which launched in 2017 and covers Arabic-speaking countries from Saudi Arabia to Egypt to Lebanon.

Peeping through the hashtag on the socials, I was able to come across a slew of some of the Vogue DIY front page “covers” by our very own as well. From Fashionistas, DJs, models, photographers, and more artistic individuals, I’ve gotta say it was really insanely impressive seeing our people ace this one as having transformed themselves into cover stars – complete with the iconic Vogue logo – produced incredible results. Below are our 8 favorite posts as shared by Ugandans under the Vogue Challenge hashtag:

Starting off our best #VogueChallenge is 97fm Radiocity’s Deejay Jo (Mr. Continental) who represented for Jo Nation in a simple yet stunning outfit.

Model, YouTuber, and Podcaster Marli Keishamaza comes in 7th position with “the Black Issue” portrayal of the fashion Magazine as she poses while rocks the African wear. Talk of being Proudly African.  No way these efforts could go unrecognized.

Steadily moving on to the 6th Vogue Challenge is Digital Influencer and Model Jim Trax The Japher who shares an all-black image depicting double personalities. He says the edits were done by Hudson Niwegaba; a Motion and Still Graphics Designer.

In the 5th spot is Tess Hazel who goes by the handle (@NzaTess); who is a writer and describes herself as Photogenic in her bio. Having seen her submission for the challenge; we could not agree any more.

Dance choreographer Malkia left many with no words her four frames for the challenge she shared. In all four pictures for the vogue cover challenge; she shows us not only culture, but class, confidence and owning one’s power. Definitely fit for a feature on our favorites. The submission comes in at position four.

Afro Asian Ghulam Mutaganzwa (Ghulam Speed) comes in 3rd place. he gives us the feel of a lifestyle magazine; with one cover showing a Limited edition of the Vogue Magazine in which he reveals the secrets to his killer sense of fashion, on the other; Ghulam is on for an exclusive interview innit, then comes the third frame where he poses as a Mafia with a cigar, and the final one has him on the cover offering skin routine tips, then beard growth tips and health, tips o how to wear stocks. 

Henry Nsekuye literally broke the internet with his trio of submissions in the Vogue Challenge. Two of the shots are in Monochrome color; the first two are. Then the third one where the words “YAGALIZA Ofune” were transcribed and when translated mean; “wish well for others and the same shall be bestowed upon you”. Henry continues to show that he is BLACK and PROUD with the quotes on frame one: “my African roots will continue to shape my forever. I am black and proud.” 🤟🏿😎

Our number one (1) spot belongs to the one and only Kasalina who took this whole Vogue Challenge to a whole new level with her take. On the Vogue Challenge cover, she presents the Black Love Edition as she shares photos of her with her soul mate. The submission was so fine that it was featured on the 13 Best Vogue Challenge posts according to Teen Vogue. 🤝🏾

In case you have a few minutes to spare; Follow these video instructions on how to create your Vogue Challenge have a little fun as you are at it:

Simply open up Photoshop, or PicsArt (or any other photo editing app) and you’ll be good too go. Once the challenge video/photo is done, users are encouraged to share their submissions along with the hashtag #VogueChallenge. Let’ get those challenges through, fam. 😊😉