Started in 2006, the Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF) is set to launch the Live It Up Podcast, with Episode one going live on 26th, October 2021; featuring oncologists, civil society and stakeholders in cancer care in Uganda.

This much needed Podcast has been produced in partnership with The Tribe UG and Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI).

UCCF supports children and young people suffering from cancer in Uganda, by providing direct treatment and social support to children made vulnerable by limited resources, and advocates for cancer control and management. The Tribe UG is a subsidiary of Skyline Media & Management Limited that leverages content led strategies to generate value for its partners and audiences.

LIVE IT UP is a podcast on lessons, life and survivorship with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). In Uganda, according the 2014 NCD survey, 33% of annual deaths are attributed to the five leading NCDs; cardio-vascular diseases, cancers, diabetes, Chronic Respiratory Diseases and Mental Health and Substance Abuse. NCDs kill 41 million people each year, equivalent to 71% of all deaths globally. (According to the World Health Organization, WHO)

Despite these weary statistics, a great deal of people have battled these diseases and cured. It takes us all together to reduce the cancer burden and other NCDs to zero.

The Live It UP Podcast will be a platform to share knowledge that will help people make better health and lifestyle choices. It will also ease understanding of NCD prevention and control through dialogue with health workers, policy makers, survivors & caretakers sharing experiences on living with NCD. We hope this podcast enhances survivorship and initiates conversations leading to advocacy and increase in knowledge on Non communicable diseases.

Once live, the podcast will be available on YouTube, Spotify, audiomack, Apple Podcasts among other Podcast listening services.

Guest Written By Moses Echodu, the Team Lead at Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF) and Founder of News Libre. Follow him on Twitter.