Being a Vinka addict, one thing that had really siphoned my life so bad was the Empress’ brief M.I.A from the musical scene, as her last individual release was anti- drink and drive campaign song “Red Card” in March and maybe a brief appearance on Bebe Cool’s ‘Corona Virus” song Featuring. All Stars.

So, last week she took to her socials, and posted a throwback photo her management at Swangz Avenue took, the very first day her debut single “Level” played on MTV Base and captioned it, while leaving a note at the end asking who was ready for some new music.

I had for the mean time been replaying her former songs such as ‘Mukwano Gwo” (2018), Babe (on which she was featured by Romanian singer Inna) from last year, By the Way (2019), Sure, Mapozi, Chips Na Ketchup, Amaaso, among others BIG tunes on repeat, my ears, and heart could settle at last. Because she had hit the studio once again.

Born Veronica Luggya also known by her stage name Vinka, the singer has over the years won the hearts of many with not only her musical style, but also catchy sense of fashion, free spirited personality, choreography and how close she is with her fans. And oh, by the way, did I tell you, just last month (on the 27th of June), she was treated to a surprise birthday treat organized by a few of her fans and close friends. Now, that’s what we call and real love.

Vinka delivers second single 'Love Panic'. Here's a listen 1 MUGIBSON

Well, back to “Love Panic”; Vinka has been posting mini teasers about this single which happens to be her second offering since “Red card” in March.  From throwback photos, to the song’s artwork and then a teaser from the song’s video shoot. Another synonymous thing about Vinka is that she usually releases both audio and video at once so her people who dig her music do not have to wait long for the other once the song is out. She also put up the song for pre-save/pre-add for those who had Apple Music and Spotify music streaming services.

Vinka delivers second single 'Love Panic'. Here's a listen 2 MUGIBSON

Having secured a Mega distribution deal last year with Sony last year, this propelled her career further, while maintaining her management with Swangz Venue where she has been serving as an artist manager, before she could hit the fore front as a soloist. Earlier this year, the label recruited a new talent (Azawi) and many thought the two would pick bad blood but the reverse is true; as Vinka and the “Repeat It” singer have continuously supported each other. In an Instagram TV video, the “Nja Kusitula” singer revealed that, “Love Panic” which’s been released a few hours ago was beautifully penned down by her label mate Zawedde Priscilla also know as Azawi. she further revealed that her panic mode love ballad “Love Panic” was produced by Nessim with whom she has worked on most of her previous projects like “Nja Kusitula”, “Chips Na Ketchup”, ‘Mukwano Gwo”, and a ton of others. Vinka describes this single to be one that it is a beautiful tale about this guy she is really fascinated by, and whenever she sees him, she literally loses her voice and sense of speech; – for a lack of a better word, she leaves her speechless. 😉 Those of you who have had crushes or been in love before know the half of it. she promises you’ll love the song.  But again, which song of Vinka has she released and we don’t like it? she’s literally that good at what she does. Watch here:

As earlier stated above, I am a Vinka addict, bambi I like her so much. So, I have always had Instagram notifications for her posts turned on. So, once “Love Panic” arrived, yours truly was among the first 400 people worldwide to watch the song. As earlier revealed by the singer, the accompanying visuals for the song were indeed shot at the Sezibwa falls and the video director was the usual suspect; Swangz Avenue’s Marvin Musoke. The icing on the cake in all Vinka’s songs is always looking out for the moves she’s to pull off with each new song she drops. In this one, she is joined by Icy Sonnie and another equally talented dancer as the two make a great on-screen trio as they exhibit moves gwee. The single was released under Swangz avenue and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Africa. Confusing right? 🌚 How someone is able to belong to more than one label at a time. Working on a series of articles that’ll explain this phenomenon further more. Now that’s something to look out for. “Love Panic” has a total playtime of 2minutes and 35 seconds and is available on digital music streaming/downloading services; including her official VEVO channel.

As always, I got you sorted. Here’s Vinka’s “Love Panic”. Enjoy. 😉