Kaiza Raymond Rolland, otherwise known as Big Tril, is no stranger to offering unsolicited advice to the next crop of musical artists.

He in January 2020 advised young artists of the need to master the art of playing at least one musical instrument as it may be essential on their journey.

In a similar fashion, the ‘Parte After Parte’ crooner has most recently taken to his Twitter and stressed the need for healthy competition in the music industry, writing:

This has come at the realms of the continued “beef” among fellow artists, which is mainly seen in either sabotaging the other’s name in interviews, name-calling, or physical assault, among others, with the most recent being an ongoing feud between two female musicians who have seemingly set a concert on a similar day as a way of proving a point to the other, which is giving unhealthy competition vibes, yet we somehow expect our local music industry to grow yet there’s so much division among the artists themselves, widely visible in the ever sprouting many musician associations.

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Whereas feuds worked for Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, and Bobi Wine, and have seen it also work in the U.S Hihop scene in the past (2Pac and Biggie), could have set the pace/ template for many artists to take a similar route, but there should be a healthier approach to co-existing. Nigerian stars Adekunle Gold and Rema, plus Diamond Platnumz recently discussed the need for Ugandan artists to support each other.