Yesterday in a ground breaking mini press engagement held at the MTN Head Quarters, muchly cherished East African premier music festival Blankets & Wine announced its much anticipated return following a brief seasonal break. 

During the press launch, the organizers treated members of the media and partners to a colorful picnic ambiance, simulating the event’s format. Julius Ssese, one of the performers, joined partners and organizers to reminisce about their favorite Blankets & Wine experiences, discuss expectations for the upcoming edition, and enjoy refreshments while seated on a picnic mat.

Marion Among, the Head of Legal at MTN MoMo Uganda Ltd shared that MTN MoMo aims to enhance financial convenience and create a seamless, enjoyable experience. Attendees can look forward to cashless transactions for ticket purchases, food, drinks, merchandise, and more, with the added benefit of instant secure transactions and discounts. Additionally, tickets purchased via the MoMo platform will be discounted, showcasing MTN MoMo’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Adding to her voice, Justine Mbugua, the Head of Festivals, Blankets & Wine added that she believes that this new partnership will create a synergy between Blankets & Wine and MTN MoMo while setting a new standard for event experiences in the region by pushing boundaries and delivering a memorable, hassle-free experience for all the event’s guests. This also includes increasing efficiency andenhancing safety as attendees can enjoy the event without the need to carry physical cash.

In the same vein, Afsa Umutesi, the Blankets & Wine Festival producer noted that quite a number of things make this forthcoming season, starting with the edition happening Sunday June 30 is going to have two stages, a DJ/ producer stage which will feature deejays and the other being a LIVE music stage, having a stellar line up of performers. Among these being Nameless (Kenya) and Samthing Soweto (South Africa), A Pass, Sandra K, Ebrahim Soul’o, Julius Sese, Rachel Magoola, and Eddy Kenzo. 

The Seasoned curator also mentioned that each of the performers was selected intentionally, and it is because each of them brings a unique vibe to the event. The selection of Sese and Saulo is to shine the spotlight on the new sound of urban music in Uganda, on the other hand, Rachel Magoola being a legendary singer, and cultural figure goes on to showcase some of the songs that highlighted the childhood of the Gen Z and therefore; her performing, offers them a chance to experience that music, more so the younger generation. Same is the case for Nameless, whose music is timeless, and now even being discovered the more. 

Being that the event seeks to highlight regional talents, that’ where Sandra, A Pass and Eddy Kenzo (who is a first-timeperformer at Blankets & Wine) come in. 

As an addition to the meticulously curated event is going to an Onja Onja Stage. This is going to offer revelers an opportunity to taste from the different kinds of foods being sold at the venue. It is also going to be a market day avenue where people will be doing some shopping, business owners exhibiting their products. 

The other exciting addition to this season of the festival, going forward is the return of the family zone with kids’ activities and minders, creating space for everyone in the family to attend and have a great time. Safety precaution will be taken, so that each and everyone can have a wonderful time. 

While in a quick Question and Answer session, Gloria Haguma, the Head of Communications and MarketingBlankets & Wine when asked why revelers should look forward to attending noted that: 

“It’s Bigger Better, the Blankets & Wine like you know it. Sunday June 30th is going to be a family fun day, where we are looking forward to people discovering, loving, and sharing in an experience unlike any other, will be able to catch up with friends, make new ones, be entertained, shop, and have a good time, while creating unforgettable memories. It will give them a chance to experience Uganda in terms of culture, food, articrafts, experience music and the much more the country has got to offer”. 

With this new MTN MoMo partnership, tickets to the event are currently selling at UGX 125,000 on the MTN MoMoApp and USSD code *165*20# and on the festival’s websiteand so is an all season pass which grants one access to all Blankets & Wine editions of the season, for this case, that of June 30, September 29 and December 15. This particular pass is at UGX 250,000. 

Started in August 2012, the premier event has become synonymous with celebrating diversity, creativity, and community, and is a cornerstone of Kampala’s cultural scene. It brings together music lovers from all walks of life to enjoy an eclectic lineup of performances in a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. With a commitment to showcasing the best of local and international talent, Blankets & Wine offers a unique platform for artists, musicians, and creatives to connect with audiences and share their passion for music and culture.

The festival is recognized for its consistency and has become an important platform for musicians across East and Southern Africa. It currently runs in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, with plans to expand across the continent.