Cindy’s unexpected shopping spree at Carrefour (Arena Mall) had shoppers buzzing with excitement. In case you missed it, here’s what went down.

As many shoppers casually wandered through Carrefour Market’s store at the Arena Mall in Nsambya, they found themselves feeling like they’d received an early Christmas gift when the popular singer, Cindy, unexpectedly joined them in a shopping adventure yesterday.

Carrefour Market’s Arena Mall store had impressively stocked its shelves with a diverse array of top-quality products, coupled with announcing unbeatable discounts on numerous items. With price reductions of up to 65 percent on select items, shoppers flocked to seize these irresistible offers.

A day before Cindy headed to Mbale for the Eastern leg of the Cindy-Sheebah battle concert, she caused quite a commotion when she made a surprise visit to the supermarket for a shopping spree. Days earlier, she had asked her fans for recommendations on stores offering a wide variety of products at affordable prices. She later stirred up excitement among her fans by announcing on her socials that she would be shopping at Carrefour (Nsambya).

The ”Pull Up On Mi Bumpa” singer leisurely perused the store, picking up various items, delighted shoppers and fans eagerly approached her to exchange greetings and request selfies, which she happily granted. The unusual sight of a Ugandan celebrity shopping in public added an extra layer of excitement to the moment.

Cindy’s shopping cart was filled with an assortment of items, including foodstuffs, detergents, beverages, beauty products, stationery, accessories, groceries, kitchenware, and more. Her shopping spree represented the joy experienced by parents and soon-to-be parents upon discovering Carrefour Market Nsambya’s special offers across a wide range of products.

The recent introduction of free parking at Arena Mall, alongside ongoing infrastructure upgrades along Nsambya Road, has enhanced the supermarket’s variety of products, introduced new sections, and renewed its promise of convenience, further enhancing the shopping experience. For Cindy, the experience was surreal, and her shopping adventure extended for over an hour. When you have young children, the temptation of Carrefour Market’s well-stocked shelves is simply irresistible.

At one point during her visit, Cindy grabbed a microphone and transformed the supermarket into a mini-concert, captivating both the staff and fellow shoppers. This event coincided with Carrefour Market at The Arena Mall launching its ‘My Club’ sales campaign, allowing customers to earn points that lead to significant discounts on a vast array of items. In this campaign, lucky shoppers can win up to Shs 1,000,000 worth of MyClub points by sharing a video of their shopping experience at Carrefour Market Nsambya on social media, tagging Carrefour Uganda. The more likes their post receives, the greater their chances of winning.

This campaign brings welcome relief to city dwellers at a time when inflation has driven commodity prices upward, especially with only two months left until the festive season when everyone is eager to stock up their homes. Carrefour Market, owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim in Uganda, opened its Arena Mall store in December 2021 with the goal of introducing Carrefour’s unique offerings of unbeatable value, extensive product range, and international standards to more customers across Uganda.