While mentioning the songs that have rocked the Ugandan music scene in this year- 2020, it is very impeccable to skip Eric Opoka alias Eezzy’s “Tumbiza Sound” song.

From its humorous lyrics, hilarious lyrics and danceable beats, it has surely won the hearts of many, and was one of the post- lockdown anthems. Ending of last week, in a letter dated 4th December 2020 addressed to UCC, Ministry of Health described the song as one with messages contradicting the MoH SOPs on COVID-19 prevention, and therefore imposed a ban on the song.

Tumbiza Sound singer Eezzy
Tumbiza Sound singer Eezzy (Picture: EA Champs)

Of course, this did not sit well with many of the citizens, since this was just a song, for entertainment like any other, and was in no way encouraging people to break the guidelines, but rather put them into practice while having a good time (partying). In it he requests the government to open bars and other hangouts so that revelers can start partying again; while they observing social distance, wearing face masks, and making use of sanitizers as requested by the authorities.

The ban of the song saw the Neti-zens (citizens of the internet) start hashtag ‘#ElevateTumbizaSound, a drive geared towards promoting the song, and making it even more viral than it already was. This also birthed a conversation around why the ministry was drawing the line on a song as opposed to fixing its inadequencies in regards to the ‘uncertain’ expenditure of the COVID-19 relief funds, and payments to teachers, front line health workers, and the likes.

Tumbiza Sound, whose music video arrived over four months ago with its video popping on 15th September 2020 on YouTube has seen a rise in its viewership count, and may soon hit 1Million views. But that’s not it to celebrate, an even bigger WIN was registered this evening, when a fan tweeted ‘FEM’ hit maker David Adedeji Adeleke (professionally known as Davido), what he thought about the ‘Tumbiza Sound’, to which he replied that he actually likes it.

Eezzy expressed his gratitude tweeting:


Since release, Tumbiza Sound has been one of the biggest songs this year in the local music industry.

About Eezzy

Eezzy was born Eric Opoka and has been doing music for some time, and was more prominent in Gulu, his home area, until ‘Tumbiza Sound’ blew up, and eventually launched him into mainstream. In an interview with Chimp Reports, he revealed that his stage name comes from ‘E’ from Eric, and ‘Ezzy’ from his personality; – easy going. Eezzy’s other songs include; ‘Kuki’, ‘Mak Mukemi’, Bang Raa’ among others. Eezzy has performed on the Club Beatz at Home stage, and hopes to hit event more, once events and hangouts are officially opened.

For now, Stream ‘Tumbiza Sound’ here, or alternatively watch its music video to support: