With DSTV Channel 148 (Pearl Magic Prime) going LIVE on February 8, 2021, Multichoice Uganda set out to revolutionize local Ugandan content.

It has since been three years of being a leader in not only creating employment opportunities to scriptwriters, producers, and so forth but most importantly creating stars in terms of on-screen talent.

Drama series like ‘Sanyu’, ‘Prestige’, ‘Mizigo Express’, ‘Honorablez’ as fan favorites kept Ugandans glued to their screens. But there’s more than, what meets the eye.

Last year, DSTV introduced a web series ‘Home of Our Stars’. The Flavia Tumusiime hosted one-hour conversation set features actors, actresses, and the brains behind all the shows we see on the various Pearl Magic platforms that is Pearl Magic TV, Pearl Magic Prime, and now Pearl Magic Loko.

Among the guest list from Season 1 was Gaetano Kaggwa who acts as Philip in Junior’s Drama Club, Allan Kutos Kantongole (Oscar from the ‘Sanyu’ series), the legendary Sam Bagenda from ‘Urban Life’, Prestige’s Sally Bwamimpeke who acted as Jasmine, showrunner/Producer Judith Namazzi Ndugwa (also known as Judithiana), the muchly adored and humorous Dickson Zizinga from ‘Mizigo Express’, fashion-prenuer who also doubled as the designer for all the outfits dorned in the series ‘Prestige’ Solomon Tazibone.

In the one-minute fifteen-second clip shared on the socials of DSTV where Flavia announces the return of the web series, after close to a one-year break, we get a sneak peek into who to expect on Chapter Two of the ‘Home of Our Stars’ web series.

Making an appearance in the premier episode was the cast from ‘Kampala Crème’, which is made up of Zahara Toto, Etania, and Mami Deb (as at the time of writing this).

Still to come are stars from ‘Beloved’, ‘Damalie’, and other shows.

The web series will air BiWeekly on the DSTV Africa YouTube Channel. What I do highly recommend is you ‘Subscribe’ to it. It is FREE of Charge. Where possible, turn on notifications so you never miss an episode.

You can be sure to CATCH UP or catch all these stars and creators by renewing your DSTV subscription using the ‘My DSTV App’, or watching them on go any time anywhere using the game-changing ‘DStv Stream App’.