Kenneth Mugabi Performing at Jameson and Friends Yesterday

Renowned for its groundbreaking events, Jameson Irish Whiskey and Talent Africa once again transformed the rustic Design Hub warehouse into a vibrant Valentine’s Day-themed Jameson Connect event yesterday.

The evening was filled with immersive experiences. To begin with was the setup, that was making the day feel like February 14 all over again. There was a beautifully designed photobooth adorned with roses and Jameson bottles, offering a picture-perfect background, for the Gram and Snapping.

Sticking to the 244-year-old Whiskey’s tradition, attendees were treated to a series of engaging activities, such as Foosball, Mini Golf, Jenga, Playing Cards, and a Graffiti spraying board, encouraging guests to express their fun side.

Signature Jameson cocktails, including Jamey, Lemon, Ginger, Sprite, and Ice, were served to guests upon arrival. The event also featured a Sip n’ Score FIFA tournament, where teams competed for the ultimate FIFA title and merchandise.

The musical lineup included DJ-led and MC experiences, with Hibotep spinning high-energy Afro-house beats and Adel Kiele as the MC. DJ Alza’s vibrant mixes and Viana Indi’s energetic performance added to the memorable evening.

The Meat Guy provided a gastronomic experience, allowing guests to pair their whiskey with gourmet food, skewers, fries, BBQ, chicken, and wraps. Live music took center stage with Akeine performing her tracks and Kohen Jaycee making a surprise appearance to sing their collaboration “Saving My Love.”

The headlining act, Kenneth Mugabi, delivered a captivating performance, alternating between his Fiddle and guitar as guests sang along to hits like “Nkwegomba,” “Naki,” “Kibuna’Omu,” “Under the Wraps,” and “Sanyu” as revelers sang along word for word in unison as they wrapped their arms around their partners.

DJ Kasbaby took partygoers in attendance back in time with some RnB classics and later was backed by Alfonkodee the drummer, which added more spice to the musical experience. To close it all was DJ Kash Pro.

Overall, the event provided an engaging and memorable experience, allowing guests to chat, play, sip, and create lasting memories.

Same time, Same smooth Jameson Cocktails, Same exciting activities next month, for it’ll be JAMESON HANGOUT come March 30.