“Prepare to be swept into the world of unfiltered conversation and soul-stirring acoustic melodies as Tusker Malt’s Conversessions series makes its triumphant return to our screens this November 5th.

Just like its stellar debut, this season promises an exquisite blend of intimate ‘conversessions’ with Uganda’s most revered artists, accompanied by a live band in a tranquil setting. Past seasons featured luminaries such as GNL Zamba, Allan Toniks, Winnie Nwagi, Naava Grey, and King Saha, birthing acoustic Extended Plays (EPs) available for streaming on various music platforms. This unique musical presentation allowed fans to delve into the melodic essence of their favorite artists, presented in a slow-paced, intimate, and distinctly captivating style.

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For the kickoff episode of season 2, the stage will be graced by the incomparable Juliana Kanyomozi, a celebrated vocalist, singer-songwriter, performer, and an all-around musical virtuoso. Adding a twist to this season is the fact that it was filmed during the challenging times of the pandemic and lockdown due to COVID-19, necessitating a reduction in live audience participation. However, a fresh and exciting development awaits, as there will be live audience guests introduced to enhance the experience.

Having peeked at the behind-the-scenes on the web, musical maestros, Joseph Saxx and Myko Ouma are seen in rehearsal as each conjures their unique and sophisticated magic with their instruments in the studio. Viewers can for sure anticipate a colossal and unforgettable show with these two being part of the production.

Season 2 will showcase a carefully selected lineup of six remarkable artists, with the illustrious “Kanyimbe” singer leading the charge. Each episode will be unveiled monthly, commencing with the grand premiere on November 5.

To be part of the live audience, fans can simply submit their requests via the Tusker Malt and Swangz Avenue’s social media platforms. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this musical journey.”

My money is on A Pass, Nina Roz, Zulitums, and Lilian Mbabazi, being among the guest artists this season. Who do you think will get featured? Do let me know in the comments or on social. (I go by @Mugibson across all platforms).