Mike Mungu (Image: WIlliam // @wokane)

I first stumbled upon Mike Mungu when he had just unveiled his debut single ‘MINE’. It was then that I read that among his musical influences aside Giveon, BNXN, to mention but a few is Rwandan crooner Mike Kayihura, a musical inspiration that now becomes strikingly evident when listening to his debut EP. The subtle resemblance in the texture of his voice to that of the “Tuza” singer is so evident.

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You might be wondering why I’m bringing a project that dropped two weeks ago to your attention now (originally released October 20). Well, in the world of music, numerous gems often emerge, and to truly appreciate an artistic creation, it necessitates taking the time to listen and consume it as the artist intended.

Mungu’s ‘FINALLY’ EP arrives approximately three months after the release of his scintillating hit record ‘KAGINA.’ This collection is a celebration of love that triumphs despite the obstacles that often mark the journey between Mungu and his love interest.

Comprising five solid tracks, led by the enchanting “BE BY ME,” “RISKY,” “TULI NTINDA,” and “LET ME KNOW,” with the sizzling hit single ‘KAGINA’ adding a thrilling bonus. Originally, the EP was intended to bear a different title, but Mungu and his management had a change of heart and settled on ‘FINALLY.’ This decision was influenced by the tremendous reception of Mike Mungu as an artist and the support of recent management partnerships. Pius Mugowa, one of the members on the artist’s team, expressed his optimism by saying, “We can hope to say, FINALLY, there is light at the end for the rising gem, Mike Mungu, to hit new trailblazing heights and witness a new star being born right before our eyes.”

Regarding the creative process behind the project, all the songs on the EP were co-written by Mike Mungu and Nyamer Josephine. In terms of production, Joshua Baraka, known for his work on Shawn Maine’s EP ‘When The Sun Sets,’ contributed by making and mixing track 4 on the EP, as well as providing vocals maneuvers. Long-term production collaborator Klin also rejoined forces with Mike Mungu to bring the second single on the project to life.

The EP’s stunning silver-shiny artwork was meticulously crafted by Nyakato Bingi Ericka to mirror the emotions conveyed by the music.

The reviews and love showered upon the EP in the two weeks since its release are a testament to Mike Mungu’s enduring presence in the music industry. Surpassing 5,000 streams on Spotify alone, it is clear that Mike Mungu, also known as “Boy Mandhem,” is here to stay and has secured a lasting place in our music libraries. Notable endorsements from Maurice Kirya, A Pass, and Sheila Gashumba further signify the thrilling and exciting journey ahead for Mike Mungu.

He has graced various live events, including Vibes Nzuri, the Patio Stars, Tubayo Market Day, Picnic Sunday Fest, Xpressions, My Live by Shisa Nyama, Kush Lounge, Zara Hotel, and more.

The release of ‘FINALLY’ EP therefore signifies Mike Mungu’s unwavering commitment to etch his name among the exciting roster of musical acts, and we eagerly await the continuation of his musical journey.

Stream ‘FINALLY’ the EP, out now on all music listening and downloading platforms, and as always, do let me know what your standout tracks on there are: