Local football club KCCA FC has hired Ugandan startup Malticard to handle their seasonal electronic tickets.

Malticard, a Digital Agency initially founded to transform and digitalize contact information sharing through utilization of NFC technology will now handle the provision, distribution, and validation of the Club’s tickets every matchday.

The development was announced at Press Conference held at the MTN Omondi Stadium – Lugogo on Monday, September 5 as KCCA unveiled their fans’ seasonal tickets.

“We are excited to partner with a successful club with a very big fan base like KCCA FC. We have made a big investment in our systems and equipment and we are happy to see that an institution like this has chosen to trust us,” Joshua Mulwana, the Malticard CEO said.

“As a startup, this is a big task we are taking on but we are very confident that we shall execute it to the very best. We are continuing to invest and we know that this is the first of the many projects that we shall handle in Uganda’s sporting industry,” he added. 

Malticard has been operational in Uganda for over six months, majoring in the provision of smart digital business cards.

The cards use NFC technology and QR codes to share someone’s contact information with just a tap on the phone. It can also be programmed to work as an access card, clock-in/clock-out as well as a company ID.

Over the six months, Mulwana said, they have been able to onboard over 800 Malticard users, and with new partnerships such as this with KCCA, they hope to double the numbers in the next three months.

According to KCCA FC Chief Executive Officer – CEO Anisha Shahir Muhozi, VIP Season tickets will cost Shs750,000 while the ordinary season ticket will cost Shs 200,000.