MTN Uganda at the close of last week introduced the e-SIM (embedded SIM) technology, making it accessible to all its customers. This announcement follows the telecom company’s celebration of 25 years in Uganda, aligning with the ‘Unstoppable Network’ Campaign.

This innovative leap transforms how customers engage with their mobile devices, providing unparalleled convenience, flexibility, and security in their digital lives, truly making them unstoppable. The e-SIM, a revolutionary virtual SIM card, allows users to connect seamlessly to their mobile service provider without the need for a physical SIM card. Remotely programmed via software, it seamlessly integrates into the latest generation of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and vehicles.

MTN Uganda’s e-SIM technology offers customers a range of benefits, redefining their connectivity and mobile plan management.

Somdev Sen, the Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Uganda, expressed enthusiasm for this groundbreaking offering, emphasizing the commitment to driving Africa’s progress through cutting-edge digital solutions.

The e-SIM eliminates the requirement for physical SIM cards, opening up possibilities for users to effortlessly switch carriers, add plans, and manage multiple phone numbers on a single device. This game-changing technology enhances convenience, security, and overall connectivity.

Users can easily switch carriers, add new numbers, and connect to different carriers, providing ultimate control over their mobile experience. Remote programming of e-SIMs offers unparalleled convenience, enabling users to manage their mobile plans effortlessly.

With MTN Uganda’s e-SIM, travelers no longer need to purchase physical SIM cards when abroad. Adding an international plan becomes as simple as a few taps, ensuring hassle-free flexibility and connectivity upon arrival in another country.

While acknowledging that not all devices and carriers currently support e-SIM, the technology’s undeniable benefits are highlighted. As more devices and carriers adopt this cutting-edge technology, it is anticipated to become the global standard for cellular connectivity.

MTN Uganda invites customers with eligible devices to visit any service center with a valid National ID for an e-SIM upgrade. The process involves dialing *#06# to confirm e-SIM compatibility, visiting an MTN Service Center with the displayed EID Number and a National ID, and following a guided swap process with a customer service agent. A generated QR code activates the e-SIM on the user’s phone.