Top Ugandan local sports betting brand, MSport, has launched Superkick and Aviator, two brand new online games that are gaining so much popularity and traction that they are often pushed to the top of Twitter trends.

This brand-new offering is the latest in a suite of fresh online experiences launched by MSport as the company continues its commitment to quality entertainment and its promise to delight its customers with more rewards.

MSport’s promise has always been to offer best betting experiences, fast deposit and withdrawal, functions exclusive to the brand, 24/7 customer service and support, amongst others.

The Aviator game, an immensely popular game new on the MSport platform, encourages the gamer to remain alert as the pilot navigates the skies with increasing odds as he flies higher.

While in Superkick, players place their bets before every new round begins, and a multiplier jet will boost the odds once the game start.

The most unique gaming element of both Aviator and Superkick is that players have complete control over the game and instant cash out at any time before the round ends, which means the nature of these games are the most intense and thrilling any player can experience. In addition, MSport also offers plentiful rain bonuses for players, while players can also grab free vouchers to bet on these two games from time to time.

These revolutionary and engaging games are already touted as leading games in the industry and Superkick is exclusive only on the MSport platform in the entire African region.

Any new players who join MSport can also take advantage of the mouth-watering freebies promotions and at the same time be assured of being serviced with only the highest professional standards.

Player can easily enjoy a lot of fun time on these two evolutional innovative fun games and control the winning totally by themselves, of course as always gamers are advised to bet responsibly and practice maturity in the pursuit of these games. To play both games, visit the MSport Uganda Website.