Tagged as a fusion of comedy and music, Stress Clinic is scheduled to debut this Wednesday, November 29, 2023, at the UMA Showgrounds, Lugogo and with a heavy lineup.

Speaking during a press engagement, Paul Ampurire, the Head of Communications for the Stress Clinic, noted:

“The show is going to be a monthly event held at the UMA Showgrounds and the first edition which is happening on Wednesday, November 2023 at the UMA Showgrounds is going to be a mad show, the lineup is crazy.

We are going to host your favorite performers, starting with the legendary reggae-roots artist Madoxx Ssematimba. We’ll have Keko on there as well. She’s represented. I know a lot of people have been yearning to see her back on stage. We have Winnie Nwagi and a host of other comedians: Madrat & Chico, Maulana & Reign, Bizonto, Agnes Akite, Merry Hearts, Sammie & Shawa, and Deejay performances.

Stress Clinic is to also provide a platform for the up-and-coming stars from Karma Music Next Big Star, an artist discovery initiative that was started by Sheebah Karungi when she launched her record label. The outstanding top 4 contestants will therefore be showcasing performing as part of their grooming they get firsthand experience on stage This will also be as a buildup to the finale of the talent search that is to happen later on. Among the audience will be Sheebah herself and the rest of the jury.”

Paul furthered that: “Stress Clinic is really more than just a show. It’s going to be an experience, from when you walk in, how you get you get a drink, the ambiance, the mood, it’s more than what’s on stage really.

Beyond entertainment and giving a platform to artists, there’s also an aspect of the livelihoods that benefit from the entertainment ecosystem. Guys who supply different materials, and services, performers, guys who do casual labor, there’s a lot of people who benefit from these shows, so for us, it was about plugging in and filling that gap that exists so those people can be able to put food on their tables, and earn a livelihood from this. So, it is not just about good vibes and entertainment; there’s also the economic aspect of this, and if we have many platforms like this, then we shall be helping these young people earn a livelihood. You don’t want to miss the first edition; it’s going to be crazy. The show is going to be hosted by Ronnie McVex.”

Speaking in her role as one of the headliners, “Make You Dance” hitmaker Keko remarked that:

“Stress Clinic is a great platform for up-and-coming artists and established acts as well, so when he told me about it, it was a no-brainer, I was definitely on board. You know, everything that promotes and furthers our industry is something that I am willing to give my time to. So, Wednesday its gonna be amazing. Get ready for an amazing Keko performance. I haven’t performed a number of songs in a while. That’s gonna be on Wednesday, and you’ll have a great experience.”.

Representing event production partner ATS Events, the brand’s client service executive, Vivian Katusabe shared that they are more than excited to be involved since Stress Clinic is all about supporting Uganda’s very own talent, in the spirit of BUBU (Build Uganda, Buy Uganda). As ATS, we believe in not only production but also experiences. Given the turbulent times we live in, we are truly happy to create an experience but also produce a show where people meet to relieve themselves. It is truly an honor for us to be a part of it. We believe in innovation, we shall provide the stage and lighting, and more than honored to be working with Stress Clinic come Wednesday expect a lot of fun and a lot of good things at the show.

The maiden Stress Clinic’s first edition will also feature Yeffe Band and many more. This is on at the UMA Showgrounds on Wednesday, November 29. Entrance is Ugx 20,000 (Ordinary), Ugx. 50,000 (VIP) and a table of 4 is going for Ugx 400,000. To make reservations, call +256 785 007 124.