The Bagisu people’s yearly cultural celebration, the Kadodi Karnival, took place on Sunday, May 7th at the UMA Show Grounds in Kampala. The celebration of Bagisu culture and traditions was a smashing success, drawing attendees from all around the city with some boarding buses from as far away as Mbale.

As it was clocking 2 PM, the festivities began, following a large crowd of partygoers thronging the location. The event access fee was only UGX. 20,000 shillings and there was no provision for VIPs as according to the tradition of the Bagisu people, all who are circumcised and male are considered to be equal and therefore all considered to be VIPs.

Revelers were awash in beer from Nile Breweries and a local brew called Malwa which was being sold in gourds and pots was also abundant at the Kadodi Karnival. Malwa was being sold for 10,000 Shillings along with its gourd, while those who desired to drink from a pot with a straw had to pay 10,000 Shillings each. Malewa; which is one of the local delicacies was also offered for sale at this edition of the Karnival.

Several Gishu entertainers including the renowned Iddi Masaba graced the event and treated attendees to performances. The other major occurrence at the “Kadodi Karnival” was the popular Kadodi dance, which got the crowd all riled up and dancing along with the drummers till late at night.

As one of the leading sponsors, believers, and supporters of Ugandan Heritage and Culture, Nile Special continued to power and be at the forefront of the Kadodi Karnival, as has been in the past years and editions.

The other notable highlight from the event was the colorful traditional gear worn by Bagisu dancers who entertained the crowd with their performances. The dancers were a sight to behold, dressed up in vibrant colors, and showcasing their rich cultural heritage.

Overall, the Kadodi Karnival was a resounding success, with attendees enjoying a fantastic display of Bagisu culture and tradition. The event was a testament to the rich cultural diversity of Uganda and the importance of preserving cultural heritage for future generations

The Kadodi Karnival was a fantastic celebration of Bagisu culture and tradition. It was an opportunity for revelers to immerse themselves in the vibrant and colorful culture of the Bagisu people, and Nile Special’s sponsorship was an indication of the brand’s commitment to supporting Ugandan culture and heritage. The event was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the cultural calendar, and it showcased Uganda’s rich cultural diversity. In case you missed it, do look out for next year’s edition.