One of the most difficult concepts for us as humans to grasp and avoid is reality. Even while life unfolds, we choose not to experience it. We are frequently accused of being in denial about a number of trying (or even enjoyable) circumstances in our lives. Let’s face it: Accepting some things is difficult, especially when we find it difficult to recognize them for what they are. Most people would rather indulge in denial.

What makes accepting reality difficult is our interpretation of them. Sometimes, the way we want things to be interferes with the way they are perceived. Reality is the occurrence of events at any point in time. It is the real deal — the actual or very circumstance we are found in. It cannot be eluded, erased, or manipulated. It is as is. Accepting reality is difficult because of this. Then, in order to stay afloat (unintentionally, if I may add), we interpret what is actually happening to imply something else.

Denial is undoubtedly protective, but eventually, the shell must be removed. For us to be free (pun intended), we need to remove the many layers of lies, interpretations, and modifications of the truth. For us to genuinely live, we must embrace reality as it is. Otherwise, we would still be depicting acts of survival, which are difficult and aren’t always true.

Making a deal with ourselves to let go—especially of our delusion—should result in some useful advice for embracing reality. Since our minds will create anything else to distract us from feeling if we don’t make up our minds, this is why. One of our most human qualities is feeling, too. I’ll say it again: We feel in order to survive, or at the absolute least, more than survive. We can more readily accept our reality once we’ve made that bargain. Whether it be in regards to other aspects of our lives or how we interact with ourselves and others.

We are destined to experience a great deal of (tough) emotions as we welcome our reality, which is both highly confirmatory and normal. Nobody ever said accepting the truth is enjoyable. Simply making sure that we are in harmony with the moment is crucial. Accepting our truth requires that we set the limits, norms, and values that will propel us forward. The challenging emotions won’t harm you; they’re only telling you different things that you need to pay attention to. Because in the end, if you misinterpret or ignore any of them, you’ll be forced to repeat the cycle of denial, regret, inner chaos, and tough emotions until you embrace the message that reality should be accepted as it is, not how you hope or want it to be.

Consider it this way: You cannot live life in reverse (based on how it was) or in rapid-fire (based on how you want it to be). You have to deal with all the various realities that are occurring in the various spheres of your life right now and go about living your life. to stop that cycle of sorrow and unnecessary suffering.