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Out Of Our True Selves To The Distasteful

Out Of Our True Selves To The Distasteful

It’s challenging how our characters change from time to time, one place to another. It could defeat ones understanding how we do one thing now and minutes later the same thing(s) seems terribly awkward to us – you couldn’t even dare to do it for a fat pay.

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Clearly, what our decisions lead us to, most often than not, are ways we wouldn’t have loved to follow to an extent that if someone met you the next day or minutes, they would deny it’s you they met while you did the then unimaginable. Why: You are of a kind with all indicators of holding an image and reputation to jealously protect. Sadly, you continuously catch yourself doing not what it takes to protect the reputation but the reverse because, somehow, an odd change has occurred in your life and playing out as the inhibition to the process – the personality change!

In this article, I majorly delve into the positive-to-negative turn of events in one’s personality. When someone’s behavioral shift is towards positivity, no alarm should be there and necessary to raise. Deliverance has befallen them. We only give praise to the most high, the One that has all power to change any situation, the omnipotent.

Recently [ Across June, 2022], I was engaged in a deep, gentle conversation with a senior friend and he recounted a story of his old boy and friend [ let’s call him Fred]. This man[Fred]who is now nearing the entrance to the fourth age floor, lived a coumflaging social character across his life.

“Fred, who used to be the most highly respected person in our village, is now not even fit to be named middle-profile circles of our village. Woe! His life is in, for lack of a better word, shambles. He is wasted! Once a viceroy, now a commoner. During the day, he coumflages in his heydays appearances – a gentleman who appears fit for almost any high profile office. When night sets in, he is a high profile rascal, fit for any high profile offense that there’s”, recounts my friend. I have met the talked about Fred many times during the day and I would bet my arm that he has never been involved in any(his) criminal engagements. It’s highly likely that while you’re reading this, a few other ‘Fred(s)’, either in your circles or ones you have met somewhere, are coming to your mind – folks that pick brawn over the brain as a route to getting hold of panacea to their live challenges, an exact opposite of their past modus operandi.

Sometimes, it’s far away from going as worse as being a part of or commanding premium criminal cartels and it’s how in many other unfortunate ways your social lifestyle shoots your appearance to the opposite of what it actually supposed or used to be [an admirable position] to the public’s eye. We lose our social life embellishments to sudden changes in our personalities.

A case in point is how alcoholism can take a toll on how one’s stature can be shaped/disfigured, over time. A senior and deluxe member of a community that misuses their liberty of draining their wallets to alcohol by securing more than they can handle, yours can be a life of conflicting persona – a dapper gentleman/lady, that commands huge respect in the morning and wasted, reeking of rachetry, vituperative, good-for-nothing fellow when sun makes way for the moon.

The triggers.

As slightly mentioned earlier, you don’t carelessly play games with bottles occupied with alcoholic contents for so long – basically unable to control drinking due to both a physical and emotional dependence on alcohol – and part of your life expectations is that your behavior will stay comfortably anchored in the status-quo: Untampered with. No, beloved! Beware to, most likely, be greeted by a myriad of onslaughts to your way of living at the peak of the vice.

 Alcohol addiction, also called alcoholism, is a disease that changes the brain and neurochemistry. These developments can cause a change in personality. People with alcohol addiction may become increasingly lethargic. They may have lowered inhibitions and impaired judgment. They become verbally or physically abusive. A credible source suggests.

And of course, our personality can also be tweaked by people we surround ourselves with. Human beings are a product of a design that exudes contagious behaviors. You have known yourself, for as long as you can remember, as a person of certain modest characters but you notice drastic changes after being initiated into company of certain people; your peers. A lot, of awful traits is learnt and a lot of aweless others unlearned, over the period of companionship. The reverse is definitely possible, too.

Depression, has also been cited among possible enablers of migration of someone’s personality and behavior from one state to another. When someone has been bombarded by different conundrums experienced along their lives, they’re sometimes depressed into losing themselves to unusual state of behavior. Depression forms a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness and this is capable of fueling tough decision into acts that are in rare region of traits, vastly unrelated to how someone has normally been conducting themselves. For instance, someone who has been of a collected character, they now fiercely charge at the smallest issue that arises. Other disorders like Post trauma stress disorder, paranoia, among others are linked to personality shifts.

Silver bullets.

In a quest to break-free from the pangs of undesirable personality/social behavioral swaps, a few ways how, I may recommend.

Firstly, and highly pertinent, is to seek the almighty’s intervention. Pray! I am a strong believer of seek God first and the rest will be a walk in the park. Take all your troubled life amongst other people in your social spheres to the Lord in prayer. You could be in a feeling of having hit the rock bottom of the problem, trying to rise but the efforts in futility but God’s way is a sure way. The next miracle God has lined up may be yours. The next mountain to be toppled away by prayer could be your awful twist of personality.

While you pray over the situation, don’t scruple to seek medical attention. The disorders that enable this predicament can be gotten rid of by medical treatment too. Also, visit and hold a deep conversation to a psychiatrist and/or councilor. A rehabilitation/treatment process can be recommended or provided.

If you’re reading this and you’re a victim of this lion of a problem, may you heal and find your bright days again.

The author of this guest article is a Civil engineer and Digital marketer. Connect with him on Twitter.

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