By courtesy and convention, in almost every field of life, juniors are expected to submit to their elders and leaders – their superiors in that regard.

Rightly so, because for all the reasons that there’s, they genuinely deserve that gesture of respect as people who have been through much more life experiences or supposedly had enough training in the field they command and therefore rightly placed in a position of guiding the juniors through what they are adepts at- advise on how to be the best at it.

That granted. But then unfortunately, these dear seniors of ours sometimes wish to ride on the conventional powers; how the higher-ups are believed to possess the prowess to guide their juniors, and misuse, in my opinion and as I will explain as we move ahead, by tweaking their positions to an undesirable form: A tool employed to steal comfort from the rest of pack they lead.

Simplistically, superiority complex can be realized when a person’s behavior toward the others always presents characteristics that send a strong and mostly forcefully imposed caution of “You are of a sinking low rank to me!” Whether it’s justifiable or not, such people will want you to believe it without questioning it. Fact checking is a no-go area of attempt.

Claims that appear, or indeed, are unrealistic start coming from people that have contracted this vice. They boast about such claims with over-the-top feelings of one’s own value. Most of them are in other words top tier dreadful mediocres who chose to hide it by acting arrogantly superior to others.

Infact, it has come to be known that low self-esteem is a powerful propellor to superiority complex. Most of our seniors just hate to be outshined! For this, you will see team leaders at work places always acting toughly to subordinates in order to put down, by authority or force, any possible exceedingly better idea than theirs and outshine them. In other fields, you will find our elders shutting the young men and women up if they detect a smarter idea from them. They want to always look the sharper ones and so decide to be haughty!

Superiority Complex – The Granny of all Toxic Phenomenon 1 MUGIBSON
Inferiority Complex (Picture: POLITICO)

A psychologist once stated that this complex is really a defense mechanism for feelings of inadequacy that people suffer with. But how do we get rid of that inadequacy if we can’t open doors to possible carriers of what we lack? An idea that would be the genesis of the journey of an entity into the cream of the business is shuttered at the hands of a pompous director.

It’s definitely wrong for someone to live while thinking that their abilities will always surpass the ones of the rest. It even gets worse if they believe that any added idea from their juniors is an attempt to challenge them and the top position they hold. It’s Uncalled for a team leader, instead of examining and deciding correctly and accordingly on the suggestions from subordinates, to only mood swing.

This behavior makes people in the lower but important ranks feel unnecessarily worthless, of a highly low value and hate what they do or feel out of place. Also, if even the slightest of misdemeanors is treated as the worst mistake to have ever been committed on earth, it then means that you [ leaders] command that these people be superhuman and to you, “To err is to human” is one of greatest lies ever told.

Overcoming The Cultural Cringe - Himalayan Tribune
Those in lower ranks usually feel worthlessness because of this treatment (Picture: Himalayan Tribune)

Yes, it’s sometimes very true that a person is a tested figure of a rank a notch higher than the people they operate with, but if they want to use their top positions, they hold to make the operation environment not the haven they wish to be in, they then turnout toxic. Infact, it should be handled as unprofessional conduct!

Guest Written by Victor Assimwe. Connect with him on Twitter.