How you squeeze your toothpaste and what it says about Your Personality!

Each day, most of us upon waking up, our next step is usually to clean up and then kick start the day. One of the first activities we take into action is brushing our teeth. Of course, this isn’t limited to timing (you can brush whenever and at any time you wish), as medics advise/ recommend that we should always make it a point to brush our teeth after every meal. To be able to execute this activity, we always make use of toothbrushes and tooth paste. Tooth pastes come in various brands such as ABC Dent, Fresh Up, Delident, Close Up and the most commonly used one right here in Uganda being “Colgate”.

Pastes and Personality 1 MUGIBSON

courtesy imageWe are often told that we are all unique and quirky in different ways. As cliched as this statement may sound, we don’t realize how true it actually is until we notice our habits. We have all heard about the correct way of squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube, but have you ever paused to wonder that the way you squeeze the tube might say something about your personality? Well, according to the Bright Side; it is stated that Psychologists say that 40% of our actions are not conscious decisions but habits. What we may consider to be insignificant actions actually make up our daily routine and they’re a huge part of our life and they can reveal a lot about our personality and current mental state.

I have also always seen people online ask their mates which style or routine they follow while pressing their tooth paste while applying it on the tooth brushes and which person they would prefer to date; basing on how they press the tooth paste tubes while extracting the paste to apply on the toothbrush.

In an online read about this minor topic, I was able to find out a mini personality explanation about how the way you squeeze your toothpaste characterizes you because how you do so says something about your personality! Read on to find out which you are and where you fall and get to know yourself better.

DISCLAIMER: the character description(s) shared below are based off assumptions. They do not 100% define you; however, they may reveal a little about you; and going forward guide you on a deeper journey to self-discovery.  Hope you have fun as you explore the various traits as studied.

[01/5] in case you press your toothpaste tube ​from the bottom/back to front:Pastes and Personality 2 MUGIBSON                                                                                       courtesy image

If you start from the back of the tube and roll it as you go up to avoid any wastage, you are a perfectionist. This implies that you are careful about utilizing all your resources and detest wasting anything. You are a tidy person who loves to clean and organize. All in all, you are someone people can count on and you are dedicated in no matter what you do. You are also a very thrifty and tidy person and while you do care about your possessions, you also care about the people around you. The perfectionist in you doesn’t like to waste anything so you use all the resources you have to the fullest extent. You are used to working hard and you do your work very well, which means that other people can rely on you. Your house is always clean and your life is very organized.

[02/5] ​the type that presses theirs from the middle:

Pastes and Personality 3 MUGIBSON
                                               courtesy image

Do you find yourself squeezing the tube from the middle; from where it is easiest to squeeze? This points you out as a practical person who has a lot of friends. While you might not be the tidiest person around, you are very logical and known to focus on the bigger picture. Your best quality is that in the face of a daunting task, you are more than capable of doing it the right way. You are also most likely to be a realistic and active person and are usually in a bit of a rush. You are not the tidiest individual and you’re not the most organized, but if you face a challenge, you are capable of pulling yourself together and solving it. You are very sociable, have a lot of friends, and like to be in public. You know how to balance your life and you’re emotionally stable.

[03/5] ​then there’s those who squeeze the toothpaste tube from the top:

Pastes and Personality 4 MUGIBSON
                                                         courtesy image

Do you give a gentle squeeze at the top of the tooth paste tube and there is some leftover toothpaste around the nozzle of the tube as a result? You very identify as a stubborn fella; who’s able to do a lot to get what they want and to achieve their goals. You are prone to pessimism and do not trust people very much, because you’re used to relying only on yourself. Talk of independence.

[04/5] the careful kind; who keep the tube intact:

Pastes and Personality 5 MUGIBSON
                                                      courtesy image

You enjoy being alone, you’re a dreamer, and you’re an artistic person. Sometimes it may seem that you live in your own world inside your head. You are sensitive, gentle, easygoing, considerate, and tolerant. At the same time, you can be very straightforward and generous. You always have a lot of thoughts and ideas and you’re willing to share them with others.

[05/5] final category; those who press theirs from anywhere possible:

Pastes and Personality 6 MUGIBSON
                                                          courtesy image

If there is no specific place from where you take out the paste, you are a very artistic and creative person. You live in a surreal world and not a lot of people get your imagination. While you find it hard to stick by the norms and rules of the world, you have the ability to find beauty everywhere. You feel other’s pain and are very open-minded. You have the ability to see the world in a different light than most and you’re very artistic and creative. You can find beauty everywhere. It can be difficult for you to be punctual and tidy all the time and you may have a hard time planning and accomplishing tasks, but you’re very optimistic and open-minded. You may be prone to frequent mood swings, however.

Personally, I got to learn that I belong to the category that presses my toothpaste from the middle. How about you? How do you squeeze your toothpaste? And did you find out anything new about yourself or your loved ones? Share your thoughts and which personality group you belong; in the comments section below! Stay SAFE.