Reach a Hand through its ecosystem and brainchild campaign known as “Sauti Plus” has today unveiled the SAUTI Plus TV mobile application and website avenues.

Reach a Hand launches SAUTI Plus TV App and website. 1 MUGIBSON

Brief background about the SAUTI Plus campaign:

Sauti is a Swahili word that means sound. The SAUTI Plus campaign is a unique approach that has been designed by Reach A Hand, Uganda to embrace the growing and innovative technologies in social media, radio and TV, mobile phones, print and digital media to address sexual reproductive health and rights issues that affect young people in and out of school ranging from HIV/AIDS, relationships, life skills, teenage pregnancy, child marriages and sexuality among others.

Now back to the SAUTI Plus TV and website talk:

The SAUTI App was launched on Friday 17th May 2019 while at the NBS Media Plaza, and just today; the SAUTI Plus TV has been unveiled.

Reach a Hand launches SAUTI Plus TV App and website. 2 MUGIBSON

Like the description on the app/ website’s welcome screen says;

SAUTI Plus TV is a ‘kibanda’ (cinema hall) of fun, content to educate, inspire and empower young people to make better life decisions.”

Being that we have been subjected to staying home due to the pandemic, by now most of you should at least be familiar with streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or even Apple TV. This is because majority of us have resorted to these streaming services to entertain us as we pass time since they offer a variety of content angles; from series to movies and documentaries as well.  The latest addition to the pack is SAUTI Plus TV; a new age young people centric content-based platform.

Well, like I suppose, you could be wondering what SAUTI Plus TV is about and what’s the deal with it, right?

Being a Ugandan designed, and founded streaming platform with online TV series and movies, SAUTI Plus TV is expected to revolutionize access to edutainment back here at home and beyond; being that it is home to both locally produced and Pan African content.

Reach a Hand launches SAUTI Plus TV App and website. 3 MUGIBSON

How to access SAUTI Plus TV:

The platform is accessible online at using any device so long as it has an internet connection.

Reach a Hand launches SAUTI Plus TV App and website. 4 MUGIBSON

One can alternatively get to the SAUTI Plus TV app by downloading it from either Google Play or Apple App Store as it is only 5.0MB in size and unlocks a whole world of information in regard to access to reliable, accurate, and convenient reproductive health information for the youth as they get to interact with it.

Reach a Hand launches SAUTI Plus TV App and website. 5 MUGIBSON
Apple App Store screenshot

Having downloaded the application from your available app store, you are then prompted to choose your desired plan so as to access SAUTI Plus TV. Basing on your chosen plan, you will have access to everything in the SAUTI Plus streaming library for a specific amount of time.

According to the team at RAHU (Reach a Hand Uganda), FREE shows are to be available starting May 26th on both their official website and on the mobile app as well.

Reach a Hand launches SAUTI Plus TV App and website. 6 MUGIBSON

Talking of the SAUTI Plus TV premium plans:

When it comes to premium subscription, a user is availed two modes of payment where they can choose to either pay for a monthly plan which goes for UGX 10,000 (Standard) or Pay per view where they can pay to watch a single episode UGX 3,800 (Basic), to catch a movie or series on there. Now this is not a platform to catch your favorite ones like “Ozark, Peaky Blinders, Empire, Power, or All American” and the likes- the content that is available is Ugandan and Pan African like I earlier mentioned.

The modes of payment for SAUTI Plus TV include a Visa card, Mastercard, PayPal and Mobile Money (MTN and Airtel); however, this all heavily relies on your current location. Say, you are in Singapore but wish to use SAUTI Plus TV, there would be no means of you accessing mobile money, so payment by VISA would be more viable.

Ps: No physical cash payments are allowed. The only permitted avenues are those stated above.

Having checked it out, I have seen that they are to air weekly online “With You At Home Concerts” hosting various artists, series such as MTV Shuga, and “Kyaddala- It’s Real” among other exciting watchable content, I’d say this is one of the one million and one reasons you should look out for the SAUTI Plus TV App and download it. Don’t just take my word for it, download the App today and experience this application for yourself. 😊

Reach a Hand launches SAUTI Plus TV App and website. 7 MUGIBSON

Watch the video below for a brief about it: