First of all, allow me to acknowledge that if there’s any artist who has mastered the art of creating popular buzzword titled songs, it has definitely gotta be Kunta Kinte’s Mungi Emmanuel Matovu who also goes by the stage name; Mun G.

Audio: Mun G drops surprise “Ontwala Speed” single. Listen Here: 1 MUGIBSON

I mean there’s something special about how he stitches his lyrics all together on each song he puts out that not only leaves people dancing, but also giggling. This record he’s been able to uphold right from the start of his music career. The days of “Mbwase’, Byayanga’, Kyaba Too Much’, Nze Namalyo, Sala Puleesa, Smigo, Akatuli, Harvest You, Igwe and the likes.

Ontwala Speed” isn’t any different. In case you are an ardent social media user; more so Twitter you will relate to this song so much easier as he taps a little of the humour in the humorous video of a one Frank Ssewagude which made rounds on social media as the character in the video made and popularized the statement of 2k after saying he had “given a lady 2k for fueling”; and like I’ve stated earlier,  few might really get the joke since it is more of a social media-related inside joke. He (Mun G) also highlights the complex vocabulary as used by one political figure and brings words like “Hullabaloo, Higi haga, and Kowtow in their Poohoo” as he samples clips from both clips in this song.

Audio: Mun G drops surprise “Ontwala Speed” single. Listen Here: 2 MUGIBSON

In brief; the “Ontwala speed” as a phrase is employed by many Ugandans in the online community when they are expressing some excitement about something or someone or to mean that something is really putting someone on pressure, is moving so speedily (fast) or is making life hard; say; the landlord is always knocking at your door because your rent is due, you’d say “LandLord antwaala speed” to mean that the landlord is on your case.

Just the mid last month, Mun G had released another trending song titled “Bintwala” and just yesterday, a follow up single was released. The Barubeatz produced “Ontwala Speed” track has a play time total of 3minutes and 8 seconds.

Ontwala speed comes with an equal measure of humor in the lyrics and also the clips that were sampled add more to the fun and it is already getting a lot of buzz online with many people tweeting about the song and their favorite lines from its lyrics.  That being said and done, remember to STAY SAFE as you check out Mun G’s latest release here: