The happiness lies we’ve been told and made to believe is this idea that we “always” have to be HAPPY. Always have to be positive at all times fine. Traces back to the time we were growing up as little kids, and each time someone asked us “How are you?” our answers were always “I am Fine” because it is how we were trained where we grew up.

Am not saying its bad to be happy or positive; but rather to encourage and remind you that It is also very okay to feel sad or not yourself at times. It’s absolutely all right to feel bad about something. Sadness, just like happiness or anger is a normal emotion. It is human. But what is not okay is faking it; faking happiness, faking a smile, blaming other people for the whatever is going on in your life. You find that many people fake happiness just because it is what society or the surrounding demands of us, that you have to smile, keep happy and bright on the face all the time; subsequently causing one to feel guilty or bad for not being happy or having a down moment when it occurs to them.

I am not saying being optimistic or smiling is bad. No! It is very healthy and 100% recommended. All am saying is that it still it is very okay not to be fine. You just have to be careful not to be that exact way for long; allow the emotion to pass but do not let It stay long enough in your mind as it may rob you of your joy and opportunity of enjoying your sense of pleasure and daily living since like a parasite, constantly and heavily feeds off of your emotional strength.

Its always about being AUTHENTIC. It is important to be YOU. When you are angry be angry, if you are sad, be sad. These are natural human emotions, be fully in them. For they last only but a moment. They are there temporarily. Much as it is important to feel these emotions, do not create stories around them, to justify why you are feeling the way you are feeling, just be it.

Obviously do not let yourself be miserable all in the name of being real but rather what am redirecting your mind towards is that when you get those loud silent voices in your head at such dire and trying times, do not beat yourself up for feeling the way you feel or not living up to the happiness standards of anyone but yourself. Live your life truly and fully too; embracing it with the ups and downs that come along with and last but not least, remember to keep awesome.

A blessed day everyone. Talk to you in the next one. I remain
Yours truly,