Rings of power events are sent almost 2500 years before the events of the hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It brings to life events that came up before Sauron made the evil ring. The prequel maintains some of the old characters we saw from the hobbit and lord of the rings like Galadriel, Elrond and also introduces some new characters like Arondir, The Harfoots, etc.

As the world warms up for season two, Kisozi Paul breaks down for us what to anticipate when Rings of the Power” eventually arrives.

1. Balrog And Gandalf

Many fan theories have described the stranger from the falling star who meets the Harfoot people as Gandalf. In the Fellowish Of The Ring, Salman talked of how Gandalf feared to pass through the Mines of Moray in Khazadum and is due to the old nemesis of Gandalf, the Balrog.

At the end of episode 5, we see how the Balrog was woken when King Durin was dealing off the mines to stop his son from mining mithril. Therefore, in the following season, we may have to see an encounter between Gandalf and the Balrog as the encounter in the fellowship couldn’t have been the first.

2. Rise of the kingdom of men, Gordon

ELENDIL is the first king of Gordo who was later succeeded by his son Isildur after being killed by Sauron. However, in ROP both Elendil and Isildur are still in Numenor as mere soldiers.

In The Lord of the Rings, Elrond talked about how the blood of NUMENOR was declining and the only blood left to the throne was Aragon who was in exile. This may be a point in how the downfall of Numenor led to the formation of Gordo. Also Isildurs sister while at numenor, sees a vision from the eye that is given to her by the queen Reagent’s father. The tree from Numenor seen in ROP, is the symbol of Gordo in the Lord Of The Rings.

3. The fate of Andar

Andar is referred to as the Lord father by the orcs in rings of power. Andar talks of how he had to kill Sauron to save his kids from laughter. However, after knowing the identity of Halbrand as Sauron, the fate of Andar remains in the air because The Dark Lord has to take back is throne. Will Andar bow down to the dark Lord or he may deny him?

4. How Isldur is alive:

In Episode 7, Isildur is buried by the fire and is believed to have died. The following season will then have to highlight how isildur is still alive because he is the pivotal guy in killing of Sauron.

The Rings Of Power Season 2: What To Expect 1 MUGIBSON
Harry Sinclair as Isildur in Peter Jackson‘s The Fellowship of the Ring

5. Formation Of Other Rings

At the end of Season 1, the elves have already made their rings, we still need to witness the rings that are made by the dwarves and the men of middle earth.