Winnie Nantongo debuts ‘the lover and her human’ poetry publication
Winnie Nantongo debuts ‘the lover and her human’ poetry publication

Writer, Poet, Digital Influencer, Filmmaker, Social Activist and Decided Optimist Winnie Nantongo last week published her poetry collection by the title ‘the lover and her human’.

The book thematically poses poetry around love, loss, grief, and empowerment. In the 188 paged book, Winnie is trusting you baring her soul as she takes you on her life journey in four sections: fall, break, heal, and rise.

In her day-to-day routine of Miss Nantongo is assisting people develop their minds, and hearts through poetry and storytelling, unleash their greatness and discover their inner potential and power; a thing she started in 2012 on Facebook by sharing short, heartfelt messages online, and later opened up a personal development blog which later birthed a poetry and prose Instagram account.

Commenting on what this book means to her as a person; Winnie remarked that: ‘it feels so surreal to finally come to this very moment. It has taken me years to put all my thoughts together into a collection of poetry and today I’m trusting you baring my soul.”

The lover and her human’ is out now on amazon and will soon be available on Kobo and other digital books stores. A print copy is also available. Follow Winnie on Instagram or click her universal link to check out more of her and her works.

About Winnie Nantongo:

Winnie Nantongo is a Ugandan author, poet, and activist. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Postdale Daily an online news portal.

Winnie rose to fame on social media through sharing her instapoetry in which she channels her experiences into words that articulate readers’ most personal and intense feelings and gained popularity after releasing her first collection of poems ‘the lover and her human’ in March 2021.

Her poetry centers around love, growth, healing, inspiration, activism, and affirmations. Winnie’s goal is to assist people develop their minds and hearts through poetry and storytelling.