Founded by Young, prolific African Self-Made Entrepreneur Mr. Prince Namanya in January 2015 as a venture solely built to run a chain of enterprises to enable transform the private sector and play a major role in creating employment opportunities, Jedston Group is a leading enterprise and investment conglomerate in Africa.

With an objective to catalyze economic growth and promote high value consumer experiences and products, the founding team believe the private sector’s role is critical for Africa’s development and that the private sector must create both social and economic wealth, and that’s what they live by; by making significant investments in the private sector where it has since birthed numerous ventures in different sectors including the Media, Auto Dealership, Internet and Ecommerce over the years.

Through cutting edge research and latest technology trends, Jedston runs numerous subsidiaries under its flagship and they include: automotive company (Jed Motors), Citrusberry (a tech company providing internet services), Media in News Platform (, and their website: (

Jedston Group seeks to create social and economic wealth through ventures 1 MUGIBSON

The company leverages its strong relationships in the public, private and development sectors to drive its mission of creating employment opportunities and promoting core commerce to enable African economic growth; hence have a positive impact on customers, employees, small businesses, the economy, and communities as per its objectives.

Over the years, Jedston has become one of the most powerful, respected companies in commerce, media and automotives.