For years, various organizations have run drives/ campaigns that are geared towards HIV testing as a way of working and aiding efforts towards achieving the United Nations’ third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-3) target which is to end the epidemic of HIV/AIDS by 2030 (Project 2030).

These efforts have been futile and not as effective due to stigma, fear of privacy when it comes to people’s HIV statuses in terms of outcomes and the physical pain that comes with having to be injected to obtain a blood sample for carrying out the test. Thanks to technology and innovation, testing for HIV is now easier, more private, and instant, now than ever before.  

Products like the OraQuick HIV Self-Test have been as a result of such. The kit was introduced to the Ugandan market in December 2020, at a launch event that was held at Protea Hotel in Kampala.

Distributed by Human Diagnostics Uganda Ltd, the OraQuick device was approved by the World Health Organization and has an estimated accuracy rate of 99.6%.

To further the presence and boast awareness of the product, Human Diagnostics Uganda has enlisted sensational singer, song writer, performing artist and record producer Alexander Bagonza (also professionally known as A Pass) as its brand ambassador.

To witness the signing of the endorsement was Assimwe Maureen who is not only the singer’s sister but also manager, plus representation from Human Diagnostics Uganda/ OraQuick HIV Self-Test.

The kits go for about between UGx. 23,000 and UGx. ,000 on Safeboda, Rocket Health, and the various pharmacies.

About How the OraQuick HIV Self-Test Works:

Having bought yours from any of the places listed above, Swab the inside of the kit in your mouth, Place the swab in a tube with a developing solution. Results are available in 20 minutes. If one line appears, the test is negative. Two lines mean that a person may be positive. In this case, another test should be performed at a clinical lab to confirm a positive test result. Alternatively watch the video below to learn more:

Among the many brands the “Tuli Kubigere” singer has endorsed are Uber, Jumia, Infinix, Sumz Potato Crisps, and now the OraQuick HIV Self-Test, and others.

Congratulations on this one too, A Pass! 🥳👏🏿