Bobi Wine remakes ‘Corona Virus Alert’. Features Navio, Coco Finger, Nina Roz, Karole Kasita, Young Mulo and more:

“The bad news is that everyone is a potential victim. But the good news is that everyone is a potential solution … Sensitize the masses to sanitize. Keep a social distance and quarantine.” Goes the introductory lyrics in Bobi Wine’s Coronavirus song (Coronavirus Alert).

Released a few months back; in March to be exact, Bobi Wine and Nubian Li expounded more on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and how to avoid it. Speaking about the signs, Bobi Wine borrowed a Runyankole word, ‘Okwetsyamula’, as has been frequently used by the president to caution people about sneezing in public during these times.

The video of the song was shot inside a recording studio with just three people (Bobi Wine and Nubian Li who are seen in studio during the recording session with producer Sir. Dan Magic), following the guidelines against converging in gatherings of more than 10 people.

The Corona Virus Alert anthem’s video has received international acclamation and to date bagged over 1.3 million views on YouTube.

The song did and is still doing so well during this period when the virus is still a huge topic across the world and the message is quite accurate.

Bobi Wine added his name to the list of the list entertainers who have helped keep Ugandan entertained during the lock down when he held a Live online concert (Ensasage Mu Nyumba Quarantine Special 2020) that was streaming on YouTube and Facebook on 10th May and to date has received a whopping 800,000 views.

        Bobi Wine during his Live online show

He has once again linked up with fellow artists to recreate the ‘Coronavirus Alert’ song by remaking it. This time, it just isn’t him and Nubian Li but a whole lot of diverse acts. From band musicians, to rappers and RnB sensation King Saha, dancehall Diva Karole Kasita and more across the region.

I was given the lead about the remake’s release by my good friend (Benjamin Agirembabzi) and of course dashed right away to Wine’s YouTube.

The remake has a plot twist to it though it still maintains its originality. To start with; the song retains its original producer Sir. Dan Magic, and each of the acts who features each appears solo; following the social distancing guideline I suppose.

Corona Virus Alert opens with Nubian and Wine’s original intro, and the first guest artist follows suite. I am taking about Gulu’s very own; Laxzy Mover who sings while encouraging people to maintain the social distancing and that corona virus is not a joke; and that its out there to kill. He delivers his part on the song in both Acholi and English.

Mary Bata’s part comes on next as she tells folks that there’s still hope and encourages fellow citizens to keep washing their hands.

Young Mulo makes a comeback on this remix as well; as the ‘Siyoya” hit maker joins in singing cautioning people not to touch their faces and that they should stay home and stay safe.

Soon as his part is through, comes Nina Roz, who also by the way has a new song titled; Kyoyooyo’. She demonstrates how to properly wash hands and the right way. Additionally, she says its safer you just wave as a way of greeting instead fist bumping (kubonga).

        Nina Roz

The song’s chorus plays and is immediately proceeded by Dax Vibez’s part.

Karole Kasita who’s dressed in white as medical personnel comes on next while wearing gloves; she encourages people to get gloves if they can; as they are affordable and that the guidelines should be followed if we are to beat this pandemic.

     Karole Kasita

By now you should have heard the famous “Ratata” song I suppose because I mean, its everywhere. Well, the hitmaker behind that tune that one Zex Bilangilangi is seen teaching masses about the precautions as they are well transcribed against a wall and only points at them.

Former collaboration mate; Navio (they did the ‘Kamwokya’ song with) comes on next. The EastLord in the music video plays the role as a news reporter for World News as he reports to the viewers that corona virus can catch any one; and does not segregate whether one is a kid or an adult.


After Navio’s bars comes Carol Nantongo who facetimes (video calls) her lover and tells him that she loves him so much but for now he has to keep a distance from her, he should constantly wash his hands and also avoid hugging.

Remember the smash hit from the 2000’s titled “My Miss” by Coco Finger? Anha! That one. Well, mans opens his part on this remix with his usual tag sound, as he sprays some sanitizer as he says that COVID-19 is spreading fast like fire, and that God should save people from this disaster. He also adds some verses in his native language but we can clearly pick out the words “quarantine, proper hygiene,” so you can read between the lines.

Hoima’s very own Figo West who also once again reminds the people that whether one is an MP or president, the virus does not segregate. He is seen also exhibiting to motorcycle cyclists how to use a sanitizer and the need to keep a social distance as well. He urges them not to refrain from touching their faces.

      Figo West

King Saha goes over the need to stay hygienic and his part are shown over a simulated Facebook live on his page; whereas he does appear a few times while he is live streaming and people are watching him as he also reminds to avoid that “corona Mistake”.

       King Saha

Uganda’s smallest rapper ‘Fefe Bussi comes on next; dropping verses in Lusoga and Luganda as he tells people that covid is not a type of car the way you see a Toyota or a Corona, that this is a disease and it kills. He also highlights the economic effects it has had and does echo the situation of being in lockdown; with nothing to eat; something that has affected the vast part of the population.

There are other notable appearances from Maureen Nantume, Roden Y Kabako, Victor Kamenyo, Menton Ross. Bobi Wine and Nubian Li closes it all with their previous verses that were sang in the original.

The video was directed by Emperor of Pympah Films, and at the time of writing this, the ‘Corona Virus Alert’ remix featuring All Stars has received over 20,000 views; in less than 24 Hours.

Also, with the talk of more Ugandan content creators receiving YouTube Creator Award, Bobi Wine might be awarded one too very soon; as his channel is at 93,000 subscribers and the award plates are given out at 100,000 subscribers plus.

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