Former member and singer Jackie Chandiru in the Blu*3 trio has made a grand return and has since had fans excited as she put out some new music after a long time.

This comes after her on and off health crisis that had continued to affect her as a person and hence be a hinderance to her as a person and as a musician as well.

From the look of things, life seems to have come back to normal for the “Queen of the Nile” Jackie and Ex Blu*3 member. Talking of bouncing back, girl is back with a bang!

Jackie Chandiru bounces back with new ‘Quarantine’ anthem and visuals. Watch Here: 1 MUGIBSON

She last kick-started and rewrote her music career by working on a collaborative jam with the legendary Jose Chameleon titled “Whine It”. Quarantine.

Jackie Chandiru has once again returned with a new love song aptly titled ‘Quarantine’. The song debuted with a music video featuring energetic dance moves, reminding us of Jackie circa 2013.

You know how we all are keeping and staying at home, she revolves around this angle to request her bae to quarantine himself with her, let they quarantine in this lockdown; down to the very last born.

The track does have a total playtime of 3minutes and 32 seconds and was written by Jackie Chandiru and the overall production was done by Kenyan music production guru Eazy Pro Pan of E.J Records whereas the video was directed by Enos Olik and the choreography was done by the Deedance Initiative group.

The video appears to have been shot in a warehouse and some in a blue room. We see Jackie clad in a lovely red dress and a face mask of the similar color. There are scenes where the vixens are in an indoor pool. Another noticeable feat about the video is Chandiru’s participation throughout the video; joining the choreographers mid-way the video.  Anyway, let me not spoil it for you; will attach a link to the full visuals at the end of the video.

Jackie Chandiru bounces back with new ‘Quarantine’ anthem and visuals. Watch Here: 2 MUGIBSON
scene from the video shoot

The ‘Quarantine’ single clearly spells the “Hey y’all; I AM BACK!” message loudly and the impressive accompanying visuals affirm this. It does have that really mellow sound that gets one listening to it over and over. In case you have listened to Burna Boy’s “Ye” song, you’ll definitely realize they have a kind of slightly similar beat though the one of this track is accompanied by a female powerful voice of Jackie. 🤗

The video currently stands at 3,000 views in less than 24Hours; which is quite prolific to be honest.

In conclusion; Jackie Chandiru is back and we couldn’t be any more excited. ☺👌 Also, she lost her former Instagram account to hackers, so be sure to kindly follow her on her new one which is: @jackiechandiruofficial

Jackie Chandiru bounces back with new ‘Quarantine’ anthem and visuals. Watch Here: 3 MUGIBSON
                                 courtesy of Jackie’s Instagram

In case you missed the Jackie Chandiru of “Agassi”, “Gold Digger”, “Wotuuse” well, the wait is no more, she has something new for us all. Watch “Quarantine’ Here: –