Spice Diana Receives YouTube Silver Award After Garnering 100K Subscribers.

If there was a person whose life spells the statement that consistence yields success that person would be Spice Diana. Since breaking through onto the music in Uganda with her “Onsanuula” single, she has since never looked back. She has over time build a really huge fan base, produced multiple hits and of course accompanying them with a video each.

The terrific singer song writer Spice Diana on 16th May held an online concert “Spice Diana Upclose & Personal) which was streamed on her Facebook page and YouTube channel respectively.

Remember how I told you at the start of the article that she has been able to build a really huge and loyal fan base; this is evident in the numbers as she has over 111,000 followers on Twitter, 498,000 on Facebook, 702,000 via Instagram and as of today she commands a subscriber count of over 123,000.

For her YouTube efforts, Spice Diana has become the most recent recipient of the YouTube creator Award; a reward that is handed to a creator who surpasses 100,000 subscribers on the platform. Hers was a Silver Creator Award since they are handed out at different levels of achievement.

The most recent recipient to have been the Masaka Kids who received a Gold Creator Award after hitting a Mill YouTube Subscribers. The Ugandan young dance group, along with the award also received a congratulatory note from YouTube itself. The group became the first ever dance group to reach 1Million YouTube subscribers in Uganda. In the same vein is/ was Eddy Kenzo who was awarded the Gold Creator accolade by as well; for their YouTube efforts and 1Million subscription count.

The ‘Bimpe’ singer’s weekend has been sealed with an impressive package from the USA offices that she couldn’t hold to share the looks with her fans and social media followers. She posted:

“Hey family we got it our YOUTUBE Silver award is here, all the way from USA to Uganda. Thank you, my subscribers. keep subscribing we a closer to the Gold award,” wrote Spice Diana.

The singer who already holds over 123K subscribers, is still keen on multiplying the figures for a Golden award. According to the YouTube standards, Spice Diana is also now at a level eligible to apply for a digital verification badge for her channel.

Congratulations Spice Diana! 👏🏾😊

Meanwhile, you can check out my favorite Spice Diana song of this year here: