‘Chape’ is a posthumous release featuring production from George Wabweyo, with vocal assists from rapper Jorge Imara and singer Akongo Wero.

Known to many as C-Major The Poet, Alexander Ssemujju Ronald was a rapper and spoken word artiste, poet and songwriter with a lot of promise. However, the grim rapper struck before mainstream Uganda could learn about him as he passed on on the 7th of March in an unfortunate incident as he suffered an ulcer attack.

The rapper and poet was a familiar name in rap circles, a fixture at rap battles and different hip hop nights and was well renowned for his unique flow that married both English and Luganda hence leaving many with aww thanks to those catchy punchlines and that vicious and at times hoarse voice.

Ssemujju put out his very first single ‘Airplay’, in 2011. His later meeting of fellow rapper Benjamin Segujja, alias B-Flex helped with shaping up rap as a thing; as the two embarked on different projects, fate got them together when they later teamed up with producer George Wabweyo, alias Jorge Imara and Suspect 5 for a collaborative project, ‘Breakthrough’. With songs like ‘All is Forgiven’, ‘Wavy’, ‘Move It’ and ‘The Grader’. The collection’s album and singles were something to write about. They sang about different things like life, broken relationships and while at it, paying tribute to their hustle.

By the time of his demise, early this year, C-Major The Poet had released his mixtape Redemption, an eight track limited edition.

Former collaboration mate and producer friend George Wabweyoo announced that C-Major The Poet’s single ‘Chape’ would be coming out this week and he encouraged fans and listeners to share it widely so as to keep the fallen rap star’s legacy alive. 

C-Major The Poet’s posthumous project ‘Chape’ is out now. Stream it here 1 MUGIBSON

‘Chape’ was engineered (recorded, mixed and mastered) by Nase Avatar at Portbell Drive Music.

‘Chape’ does have a total play time of 3minutes 10seconds. It is sang in Luganda, English and a little Swahili languages and we hear sweet smooth vocals of Akongo Wero and as the song is through with, rapper Jorge Imara pays tribute to his fallen comrade and friend C-Major The Poet (Alexander Ssemujju Ronald).

In terms of reception, the single has been well received so far so good with many describing ‘Chape’ as a “bittersweet cocktail of nostalgia and excitement” many thanks to the murder apprentice of this jam and the good work of C-Major The Poet, the producers, guest vocalists and everyone’s efforts on this project. The single is currently only available exclusively to Urban Hype. Check it out here:

Stream/download it here: