Ugandan Hip-hop artist THE MITH also known as Mr SO UG has today unveiled his latest offering, a single by the title “DON’T WORRY”. The track has been released as a tease into what THE UGANDAN 2: BALI-OKWABWE album will be offering when it eventually gets unwrapped.

“DON’T WORRY” was produced by Melanin Boy, and gives co-writing credits to the incredible Yese Oman Rafiki, as well as Dagg Mizzo. The song also features background vocals from singer Martha Smallz, as well as Melanin Boy.

 On the under 2 minute 56-second record, The Mith showcases his constant and consistent evolution, and this is very evident in how he effortlessly blends traditional instruments, melodies, and the urban sound incorporated into one to give an excellent and exciting unique sound.

When speaking on what inspired the creative direction this track took, the “I Give Her Love” singer commented:

“I am excited about “DON’T WORRY”, THE MITH said. “I was challenged by the producer, by the writers and my peers to get out of my comfort zone and I believe we managed to deliver something exciting.”

With the THE UGANDAN 2; BALI-OKWABWE album being set to drop later this year, fans of The Mith can in the time indulge themselves in the mastery that’s the lead single off it, “DON’T WORRY” which is out now on all major music streaming platforms. Take a listen to it below and share your thoughts:


With a rap career that spans over 5 years, THE MITH is a well-known Ugandan rapper who is considered as easily one of the best to ever do it, in the field of hip-hop. As an M.C who does not compromise on the quality of his music, he has has had a string of hit songs, amazing albums, and has managed to push Ugandan music and culture to vast corners of the world.