Yesterday, Ceee unveiled her latest single titled “Nile,” a highly-anticipated collaboration with A Pass that had been teased for some time. Produced by Timothy Dylan and expertly mixed and mastered by Baru Beatz, this heartfelt song brings both artists together, allowing them to complement each other’s energy seamlessly.

In the song, Ceee beautifully croons, “Something about the way you smile, makes me wanna run a mile, Make me flow like River Nile,” in a poignant 2-minute and 4-second composition. Shortly after, A Pass joins in, showcasing his gifted lyricism and skilfully utilizing Ceee’s sensitive chord work and elegant vocals to enhance the emotional depth of the track.

Accompanying the single is a heart-warming visualizer directed by Nkwachikwerem of NeuKomix, delivering an intimate and sensational visual experience that perfectly complements the audio.

“Nile” follows Ceee’s previous single, “4 U,” released last year, which gained traction on streaming platforms. This new track marks the beginning of her exciting collaborative journey with A Pass, both as a producer and guest artist. It hints at her album aspirations and sets the stage for what promises to be an impressive musical endeavour, building on the success of her 2022 EP “Passion.”

Fans can press play on Ceee and A Pass’ latest below.