With 4 EPs, and a couple of singles released in the last 4 years, Drillz isn’t done yet, or as he always says, “Just getting started” and he did just that last month with the release of his new single; – High Thoughts.

Describing the 2minute 25second play time song, Drillz says that High Thoughts provides a whole different vibe, and this is heard just as the song starts, and in its the intro which says “it’s just different” so you know that what you’re about to listen to is a completely different experience. The song talks about how much Drillz has grown in the rap game, which he hints at when he says “when I join the game, I’m a big problem” also hinting at the “New wave” of artists that are coming through and are gradually taking over.

Drillz believes that he is on his journey to being the next big thing since he says in High Thoughts, “everybody wanna be king, I’m the king with the crown with the X on it, so I mark the spot…” 
The beat was made by EPIK THE DAWN; a YouTuber and carries a whole vibe that puts you in a trance and gives you a cinematic experience.

The production and mastering of the song were all executed by Drillz, and so was the song’s artwork. He announced the single on social:

Elsewhere Drillz has released songs: Don’t Let Me Go, About You, Fire In The Booth, among others. Stream ‘High Thoughts’ across all major music streaming and downloading platforms below; and connect with Drillz as you check out his other projects and connect with him here.