EJazz online Radio has been ranked top among the most streamed stations in Uganda and Africa at large. In rankings done by Radio Tools, EJazz Radio comes second and fifth among the top most streamed radio stations on the internet in Uganda and Africa respectively.

Under EJazz radio on he chart is Bob FM 92.7,  Radiocity 97Fm, 88.2 Ssanyu Fm , and Beat Fm 96.3.

Top Most Radio Stations In Uganda (Picture: Radio Tools)
Top Most Radio Stations In Uganda (Picture: Radio Tools)

“This is a milestone worth celebrating especially when you look back at how far we’ve come. Not many Online Radio stations leave to celebrate their third year while appearing in international non-doctored statistics” Jiame Josh, the station CEO said. He further commended the very small team of staff that make the station a priority and always deliver their best when it comes to work.

“Thanks to the presenters: DJ Mark-Xtreme, Crispus and the rest for working selflessly to see us achieve our goals. With time we’re getting there but most importantly without skipping any step” he added further thanking the team that sees the station running especially behind the scenes.

“Most importantly, thanks to our listeners that have made us a home. We receive lots of feedback most of which is always positive, commending us for the job well done. Some of it comes from people like high profile artistes from several parts of the world and this means a lot to a station like us. Many people have applauded our music selection, arrangement plus the programming” Josh adds.

“Every time I am traveling out of the town, I always tune to EJazz radio since its online coverage reaches even the remotest parts of the world. The sound is Crystal clear and the programs, very entertaining”, Fred Warom, an engineer says.

EJazz Radio is an internet radio station that aims at providing the best to its listeners. As Hit music station EJazz radio also seeks to introduce new artists from all over the world to the world. This is clearly spelt out in the well customized programming.

EJazz Radio Ranked 5th among Africa’s top Streams. (Picture: Radio Tools)
EJazz Radio Ranked 5th among Africa’s top Streams. (Picture: Radio Tools)

With Shows like the XtremeBPM that gets music stakeholders including artistes, producers, DJs, artiste managers among others from around the world pouring out all they know about music, the 3-year-old station provides a great listener experience.

Some of the guests that have featured on the incisive show include, Nathalie Makoma a former lead singer of the famous Makoma group, Jamaican born singer, rapper, songwriter, producer Honorebel, Pro-Era’s Co-founder CJ Fly, Legendary hip hop artiste Tracey Lee, Nigerian Hit-maker and celebrity DJ-DJ Neptune, Wayne Marshall, Drinking Ram and Redbull hitmaker Future Fambo, Top Singer/Producer/Violinist from Israel Tania Vinakor, Fatima Pinto, South African top artist Holly Rey, Wezi(a top-four Zambian Artiste), Buffalo Souljah(King Of African Dancehall), Shawn Setaro (Senior Editor at Complex), Top Costa Rican artiste Fatima Pinto among hundreds of others.

EJazz has several other programs like the EJazz Mix, a daily mix show that gets DJ Mark-Xtreme seamlessly playing all the best music for a solid hour, the Reggae Hitsville that has all reggae lovers rocking to the great vibes of Crispus, the Club EJazz  that features great music from several artistes from all over the world with an intention of introducing them out to the world. Many of these artistes have come out to publically recognize EJazz as the very first radio station to air their music thus giving them a great start for their careers. The show has so far featured over 600 artistes.

EJazz Radio continues to promise its listeners the best! Tune in here.