I like to believe we have all faced conflicting loyalty at some point in life, or a dilemma maybe, a situation or place where one is put on the spot to choose of either available option; which are equally important.

This is quite common more so as we grow older, you be there and you are like to buy lunch or to sacrifice and buy a new pair of sneakers, to pay for Netflix subscription or normal television kind of situations; to study a course one’s passionate about or take on a more marketable and trendier one?

It gets even more tricky when busine comes into play, say you are being offered a juicier deal at another place of work, or responsibility.

Why am I talking about this in the first place? You know how most times; corporate and non-mainstream brands/ companies hire celebrity influencers and influencers? This particular area continues to be an area of public debate of whether to take on such work or deals or choose their faith over making an income (securing the bag).

It was last week reported in the entertainment blog spaces that Tanzanian singer Zuchu had reportedly turned a multi-million shilling (TShs 250M) worth brand endorsement with a brewer in her home country due to her strong religious beliefs (Islam). 

Born Zuhura Othman Soud, the ‘Sukari’ famed singer in preparation for her homecoming concert in Zanzibar later this month and while in interview on Wasafi FM revealed that she would find it hard to endorse a product that she herself doesn’t consume and hence a disservice to the client.

Zuchu (Picture: Courtesy)

She added that her mother Khadija Kopa, a staunch Muslim, is against the idea of alcohol and cautioned her in the early stages of her career never to consider promoting alcoholic brands.

This isn’t the first time this is happening in the entertainment industry, back then in June, news that ‘Weekend’ singer/ Uganda’s golden boy Edirisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo had too turned down European beer brand endorsement deal worth UGX. 1Billion due to his faith and knowing that it prohibits alcohol as one of its pillars could not take it on.

In an unrelated incident, rapper and famed ‘Buligita’ singer Fik Fameica; born Shafik Walukaaga openly revealed reasons as to why he has no problem endorsing brewery products/ brands saying that faith is an internal affair between one and their creator, and not about the physical. He is one of the entertainers that were onboarded for the Bell Lager ‘Mpola Enjoyments’ Advert that’s seen on billboards, and on TV, holding a Uganda Breweries Limited’s Bell Lager full disposable cup. He also added that these very alcohol brands are usually the biggest sponsors of shows/ events on which most artists do perform; take Club Pilsner’s Club Beatz at Home E-concert for instance, the Bell Jamz All-Star Concert, the Johnnie Walker HighBall Tour etc.  

Faith Over the Bag or Vice Versa? 1 MUGIBSON
One of the The Mpola Enjoyments Adverts (Picture: Courtesy)

I for one do think it is okay that artists do devise other means of earning, given our state of the music industry; where earning points such as physical concerts where artists would perform are currently on hold due to the pandemic and need to social distance and avoid crowds, and of course streaming revenue also remains a challenge; especially due to piracy, the never-ending toxic relationship between the users and unstable internet connection. Brand endorsements remain a potential income earner for artists and creatives. However, at the end of the day, it comes back to you as a person, and choosing what truly makes you happy, and are comfortable executing.

To the readers, what are your thoughts on entertainers and dealing with such cases of conflicting loyalty?