Father, how are you today? Here is yet another monologue from your son; a continuation from where we stopped at in 2020.

Even though you are not here, I do know it is your right that I let you in one the loop on what has been going on. This past week marked 8 years, scratch that 9 years since we parted ways, and you joined the angels up above; and like my tradition is, I lit up a candle for you and took 3 days off social media, because to start with you were not supportive of the idea of me joining these online social networking sites; perhaps because I was still young, and that that the whole world and concept would have been overwhelming for me at such as early age.

For the past five or so months I have not used my personal photos as my profile pictures, because at the start of this year, I in an unfortunate incident lost a very close friend of mine. It was quite painful, the pain of separation. It therefore made no sense to me to use my picture, and took those down and have used other figures from time to time.

On the lighter side, a lot of good events have transpired over the past 12months since I last wrote to you; to start with; – the news site I write for celebrated its one-year anniversary in July last year. These guys gave my writings a family, and a place to call home.

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Fast forward to August, I made my very first million Shillings, thanks to social media influencing/ digital marketing like some like to call it, naye mbuuza where the ka money is now. 🥱😂 Of course, I spent half of it fixing my laptop, and also beefed up my wardrobe ka chilla plus a few other miscellaneous expenditures.

You know how much I grew up fascinated by horses? And you made sure to took us to the zoo to ride camels and donkeys? Well, last year I also made it to a horse-riding park here in Kampala. The horse the supervisor of the place handed me to ride was by the name Monty; such a gentle beast. It was while here that I fast tasted kko pringles, they were actually a yummy bunch and I had been sleeping on jobbo.

Around this very time, I was onboarded on a project and we were transported to and fro the Entebbe International Airport, for an engagement, it was while that I had lots of free cake and cocktails. On our return journey, the folks with whom I had been hired to gone with for the media coverage at the airport banged kaboozi all the way, just like it was back then. You also know things of backbenchers and this guy jazzed an ordeal of how he ended up in military school as a punishment from his parents for being too ungovernable.

Recall that Fabregas 4 Arsenal jersey you got me while I was in Primary Four? Not that I am the type that understands football that much, but I carried my tuu foot legs and went to the StarTimes Stadium in Lugogo and bought me a Blue KCCA FC jersey. Can’t name a single player in the team, but it hella looked good on me, and I was like yishhh why not??!!

October came around, and in this blessed 9th month of the year which also happens to be your birth month I had my first ever silent disco experience. Wasn’t a kibala, no. It was at an Extended Play (EP) listening party at Kenjis Mojo. From here, I headed for Mengo, and fulfilled one of my life long wishes – getting a massage experience. It was scary at first, cuz you know, of the stories we hear of people who get back bone issues cuz a massage was wrongly administered. I loved the experience overall, from the sauna, steam bath, to the actual massage.

November was the MTV Africa Music Awards launch month, and this one was held at the Prestigious Mestil Hotel & Residences. The thing is, at the start of my digital marketing career, one of my dreams was to do a gig of Serena Hotel, among other high-profile venues; including this one. And here I was. The room was quite filled with very many popular faces on the Ugandan scene; from artists to producers, socialites, media personalities (including me DAHHH), among others. It was here that I got the current Wireless Bluetooth speaker that I currently use. It was among the items placed in our hampers for the media people. In there was wine too, straight from South African Business Woman/ Media Personality Bonan Matheba’s Nectar Blanc Sparkling Wine.

In the same year, I do recall also paying a visit to Sipi Falls (in Kapchorwa) in the following month of November. It was here that I hiked for the very first time in my life, and had remarkable memories, including a bonfire experience, had my second silent disco experience, the road trip as a whole was a vibe, meeting and connecting with new faces. Also, did I mention, there very many slim queens at the trip, cheii cheii..

Regarding our media dream, I am the moment in active digital publishing as a blogger, copy writing/ content creating. Following my tweet manifesting one day working on radio, a friend shared it on their status, and that is how I got my first radio appearance in years. I was guest cohosting on a certain radio around town for that day. A week later I got a call, from a producer of an online radio, and I was to feature on a segment called the Groove Café, on a show that’s hosted by the legendary Crystal Newman. Since the interview was colliding with some gig I was at around town, we opted to have it over phone. It was a brief 13minutes of fun, I gotta say. We discussed about this my blog, life lessons, inspirations, how the pandemic was affecting me, and all. I of course told her about you, and the influence you had and still have on me as a young person. The stars keep aligning, and I do believe and know that one day I will be on radio, as a host myself; be it online or mainstream.

Another place I had greatly admired to be to in years was Kapital Kitchen. As per my hommie and I’s annual plan to try out a restaurant each year, this time it was this one we paid a visit. You see I love food and eating, this self-service brunch defeated me 🤦‍♂️😂.  Food was too much, atte with a provision for self serve. Among the many feats that amazed me was the wallpaper art on the walls of the restaurant. It was half way representing the culture of India, and on the other half Uganda; highlighting the Lake Victoria, the airport and the business of the roads. Quite mind-blowing if you asked me.

In January this year I got myself a pair of air buds. The very week leading up to the elections, our internet was switched off for close to 5 days eh! In the same vein, I exercised my constitutional right of voting. Being my very first time to cast my vote, I was really optimistic change was coming but of course the guys at the top played with our votes and he we are.

Spotify finally launched officially over 80+ countries; Uganda inclusive. Was really happy to finally access the streaming service minus passing by the VPN Savior’s door all the damn time. As a music enthusiast, it made me happy that more artists, more so out very own here could get to reach more people directly.

I signed up for swimming classes in March; and had my very class on Good Friday and the other the following week. My very first time I was terrified to get into the pool, as of the second time while at, I was somehow used. Am not yet there but at least I can now try, given that I have aquatinted self with the basics.  

To keep you and I’s farming dream alive (one of the many we had), I together with basics? one of my buddies joined hands and invested in broilers. Expecting to do a big sale this August.

The Toto Magazine that I wrote that got published back then in 2011, the one whose copy you sent me at school. I kept that copy up to now. Kati last year as I was launching my podcast (which is on hold at the moment), I happened to snap it and include the photo in that blog post. I was recently profiled by an online writer’s association, and they happened to share this ka photo too, since I sent them a link to my writing history, then the ka photo leaked hoooo. You know how in the writeup I had written that I had wished to be an engineer when I grow up, and now how am in marketing and writing, whoever asked what happened to the engineer dream, I kept telling them that physics happened 😁🙈. It was all fun and banter tho, nothing serious.

Manifesting has really worked wonders for me. While still commuting, whenever the taxi I had boarded to campus would be passing the Jinja roundabout/ Airtel tower, through the window I’d look up at Speke Apartments and tell myself, I’d spend a night in that place someday. Not that it has happened yet, but this semester, a client of ours invited us for a review meeting about a past online engagement, and guess what the venue was??? Speke Apartments, but the hotel/ restaurant part of it.

For the most parts of the past month and this one, I have taken my fitness/ physical health more serious, before they could close institutions of learning, had signed up at gym too, however as for now am working out from home.

To be quite honest, this life thing has not been easy, man. I am however stronger and happier thanks to the positive and kind people I have around me. My bros, the women in my life and the online community as well. Your boy’s blog s doing so well, in terms of impacting lives, and also in terms of numbers. I last week but one officially claimed my Google profile.

We are in a lockdown for a second time in a row, one from last year, and now this. What makes this one a bit more endurable is that I am with my little brother this time round. Did you know that this little lad offers Foods and Nutrition at his school? Interesting, right? I mean, at least his cooking won’t be as terrible as mine 😁 talking of which I am working on me, and gradually improving; – I mean. I no longer burn spaghetti, Irish potatoes or overly salt the rice/ sauce. So, yeah steady progress it is. 😉

I do have lots of plans, and dreams. Hoping that by this time around next year when I next write to you, I’ll have seen my musician buddy- hopeful drop his EP, and I might have sky dived or gone for the hot air balloon experience.

A Happy Father’s Day, pops. Until then, cheers, dad.