Today makes it 11 years since you left our eyes Papa. As is my annual duty since 2020, the year that followed, and this one to always bring you up to speed to what your boy has been up to, I do return with my pen, words, and gist.

Picking from where we last were here. In June 2022, I added a new weekly plan to my activities: attending Karaoke nights with my good friend turned sister. It has been such a tradition for us, and I have since individually sung at least three times there. It is always a good time there, my favorite thing is giving moral support to those singing especially when I know the song they are singing. Have introduced the concept to some friends too who have since appreciated it too and always look forward to attending their Karaoke nights every Thursday or at any given chance. In that very month, I also tried out the meat of a rabbit, while we were at a friend’s birthday. It was such a delicacy!

 July was an event marathon for me. From watching one of my favorite Nigerian acts Adekunle Gold perform LIVE, to attending Azawi’s concert the following week, and my second Blankets and Wine that very Sunday. Here I got to watch another great duo I so very much enjoy their music. They are BlaqDiamond from South Africa. Ayra Starr performed too. My other favorite Ugandan male artist Zulitums was performing, making my most memorable edition yet.

As the new month started, your boy was finally able to join the leading telecom of Uganda as one of their amplifiers. Looking back at how much I had dreamt of this day, this moment was so surreal to me man.

The week that started in August saw me pay my very first visit to Gulu Town. Was there for an influencer gig for a workshop. The whole thrill of a road trip was fascinating, the talking, the stopovers. One memory I recall was on the day before the team left when I sat up on the colleague and talked till late. My other highlight for this month was the surprise birthday my friend group put together. Honestly didn’t expect it. They really went all out. Around this very time, preparations for our final semester exams for university were underway.

At the start of September, received the good news of my nomination as a blogger in an awards show. We didn’t secure the win but the nomination in itself was a statement in itself, given that nomination was open to the public. Fitting into the theme of the award show, I did make a custom attire, that was giving Rich “Oga” from Nigeria vibes. The weekend that came next saw my friends take pay a visit to Wonder World Amusement Park, the one my generation grew up calling Didi’s World where we swung. We also hopped onto the rollercoaster boat, funny how we thought having gone back as young adults, it would be less frightening but yooo, the guys and girls and I fought for our lives with each tilt the boat made. It was fun being 7 years again sija kulimba.

 Having missed her concert, I got to watch the vocally gifted Juliana Kanyomozi perform at Comedy Store, which was also my very first time attending the standup comedy show. In that very month, the first-ever Afropalooza festival happened and it was headlined by Rema, who is one of the most trending artists at the moment thanks to his hit song “Calm Down”. The festival was a two-day event, with Sauti Sol headlining day two.

November kicked off on a high note with a reunion of the old boys and old girls of my primary school making this happen. Was so happy to reminisce about them days when we were so young, plus the obvious talk about which teacher said what, mimicking their accents, and catching up with how life had been since then. Still, in the same month, I got to attend my very first MTN Marathon.

Was much drawn to it for its theme which was “Run for Babies”. While there, we jammed with colleagues from work and met some new faces to make it an altogether awesome day. At the close of November, got the privilege to join one of the fastest-rising music/ entertainment companies in the country as a social media manager, which was a really exhilarant way to close this particular month. It wasn’t long before the final month of the year started.

Opened December with attending the popular vintage music show that is all about oldies and Ugandan classics. Low-key felt as if a 52-year-old in a 24-year-old’s body that night. Not with the way I was singing word for word for most of the songs that were performed. Abdu Mulasi, Chance Nalubega, Lady Miriam were such memorable performers. Being December, it was Events season. Attended a show that was headlined by some of Afrobeats’ finests Ckay and Oxlade.

Got inspired around this same month to attempt to resurrect my cooking spirit. So I used up January to master and polish up on the basics of preparing a meal. So far G Nut paste, Irish potatoes, are on my already learned list. Oh, I learned how they make pineapple juice too. It is locally referred to as “Munansi”.

As all this was going on, I had taken the bold step to sign up for driving school. Recently collected my license. So from the look of things, it won’t just be girls yours truly is driving crazy but cars too. Learnt both manual and automatic while I was in school.

Being a year of getting things off my to-do list. I also went for a shooting range in Kapeeka. My musical friend released a new song at the start of February. In the meantime, I was preparing for graduation. It was the season. You very know how suites and I fall apart but had to dorn one for the occasion, and it came out quite well. Did a grey one, and paired it with white sneakers. Owulira drip baba? As for matters of the graduation party, my friends really came through, though from their banter, your boy could tell that their fondest part of the occasion was them finding out my “given name”. Other than that, they did have a good time. The little one’s speech really got everyone in their feels, at least it did to me. Omwana yaw aka speech, hooo!! The articulation was on point, the in-between pauses, and expressions. He must have got it from you paps.

Whereas September is “Take a man on a Date” month, mine came early, as it happened to fall on International Women’s Day for me. Was taken on a date and that was one interesting evening. Other than that, there was no biggie in March.

Kicked off April with my friends and I going to a resort for a day. The day was really Legendary given that all were just not physically present but actively engaging too. This day was the genesis of one of the video I am fond of posting from time to time, just to re-live that day. I recorded an episode for my Podcast as I keep sharpening my skills up for my radio dream. What I loved most about this particular one was its artwork. It was designed by my good friend on short notice. As for the contents of the interview, the conversation was flowing really well. I also did my final driving test the following week and aced it bulungi with a 100% mark in it. Wrapped up April at Blankets and Wine, an event which also falls in the MTN category. Had wished to do some work for it for a long time, and this has been the year my wish came to fruition.

Mid May, the Ice cream and Cake festival made a return, had a time of my life at the event. All the performing artists did a wonderful job. I got the opportunity to interview a South African movie star for a series which is new. At first was chilla anxious as I have only interviewed musicians before and now having to engage in dialogue more so for media work kind of freaked me out, the imposter syndrome but eventually I managed to pull it off. I am truly hopeful and optimistic by the time this year ends, I’ll be somewhere tucked in in a radio station somewhere. Working on me so whenever opportunity hits, I’m ready like Go Go Go Go Go!