On the 19th of June, 10 years ago, nature robbed us of the joy of having you physically as our precious father. I can vividly remember that warm and sunny Tuesday morning we were picked from school to come home to the heart wrecking news of your demise.

To be quite honest, life took a 360 turn when we lost you, and perhaps the hardest part of this has been having to live with and come to terms with the cards life played for me. The fact that I shall never hear your loud laugh again, your voice, see that big smile, and rest in that warm embrace of a hug. Without you around, some days have been dark, some slightly alright but as the ‘strong bhadi guy’ you raised me to be, I have been able to make it through all seasons thanks to God, the awesome friends, and my siblings who give me purpose. hug

Just like we did in 2020, and last year, I do once again return with my pen to share what the past months have been like; the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it.

Oya, let me gist you, right up from where we stopped at. Before the second lockdown of last year was imposed, some friend of mine had invested in a small poultry project. Atte didn’t the ‘otukoko’ business turn into an ag’akoko one?! The worker in charge of running it, sold everything and ran off with our ttu little investments.

In regard to securing the degree, we had online exams to close that semester but those exams weren’t food (tezali mere), more so when it came to the time for submitting answers. Sijuyi having to scan your writing sheet and uploading to the student portal.

The highlight of the month of October was going to Swangz Avenue for the first time; because there was the listening event for Azawi’s album which was dropping the next day. It was such a lovely experience; and a reliever from the stressful events exams had put me through.

Ela when as the exams gamed (slang for getting done) bwe paa, my friend group mates and I treated ourselves to eat some chicken and kikalayi of ‘the national animal’ for the culture. 😌🥳

Bought myself by far my most prized possession; a brand new laptop cuz the one I had was too tired and worn out. It cost me a tooth and leg, eh! But again, like you always taught me, that ‘son, so long as you have life you, you can always make back the money regardless.’ So I coughed the 1 and a half million and got me a burifuuul Hp laptop.

I also commenced with my internship as part of my obligations as a student of second year by then. My favorite part of it was the retreat where we went to Kalangala. Mzei nkatembaa eryaato (loosely translated to ‘Pops, I had a boat cruise experience). It was a great 3days, composed of karaoke, networking, and living that soft life.

Your boy was hosted on TV to discuss digital influencing, and music in general. It was a great fun interview, but as per usual, the Queen’s Language done betrayed me live on air, mehhnn. 😂😑

As this transpired, the 2nd semester was on, and those course units in it weren’t food, eh. Marketing Modelling, Cost and Management Accounting, Managerial Finance, plus some two others. At some point, MUBS felt like I was a diploma student of Engineering. Nga the mathematics/ calculations involved were too much. These left me in sifia pains, especially during exams period.

My Mugibson blog around this time turned two years since it went live, and the love online was overwhelming and humbling, with many giving me my flowers, congratulating me on the consistency, and delivery of quality, and sharing a word of encouragement. It was a beautiful moment.

February was a month of happiness and bliss. More so for the fact that the lockdown had been eased a little more, with the returning of events. Kati atte nze Mugi wo being a media practitioner, awoo nze yali akkola. 😉 The brand you loved big time ‘Tusker’ was launching the Apple Flavor of the drink, and had to attend so I could write a story.

Guess its cuz it is a month of love, but yeah, it had me take someone’s daughter on a date but eh, the way my heart was beating at heart beats lunana per minute; must have been most proly cuz this didn’t feel like me. Given the haadi guy card I ride on. It was actually more fun than I expected. Must have been my anxiety playing mind games with me. 🤧 She was happy, and so was I. Was she a slim queen? Of course of course Pops!!! You know the vibes! Also on this very day, I had earlier escorted my artist friend to the photoshoot for his EP.

As you might recall, this project to be released was one of my lifelong goals since but was being held back due to many unavoidable setbacks. So, eventually, we released the project to the world on the 11th of March. It was such a moment of joy on both ends, the artist and myself to finally let it out to the world.

This year has so far been one of many firsts. Attended my first ever Blankets and Wine in March. Broke my own record and had the longest journey I have ever had while on a motorcycle. Sat on a jaj from campus (MUBS) to Entebbe. The way my legs kusanyalala-d. The movie I had gone to watch was a comedy that had newly arrived. Was totally worth it.

One of my venues I’d for long one day looked forward to being to, this year I finally was able to go there. Protea Hotel, and it was a work-related engagement (to write a blog story). Still on this, that Skyz Hotel in Naguru, was also finally able to go there too. Had been invited to an exclusive album listening experience party of an album of one of my favorite artists – Allan Toniks. Kazeyi, I was in VIP! 😍

Dad, in regard to our media dream, begun June on a high note. Held an interview with Allan and it was quite a surreal moment. Posted it online, and the love and feedback was encouraging. Hoping to lock in more interviews and all, but school. It is really demanding you know, more so being a finalist. But I’ll figure a way. It’s what we do, right?

While at making sure I secure the degree, I also continue living life for two. Because events are on, have been able to see singers Fave, Major League DJz, Nameless & Wahu, DBN Gogo, DJ Maphorisa, The Ben, and this past Sunday – Magixx.

Speaking of my adventurous exploits, had this mouthwatering rabbit meat I tapped via someplace on Friday last week; wowowowowowowowo, it was not only well prepared but it was in an okay amount atte ebyo byenjagala. 🥰 Tebansedde biffii. Kati next up is finally tasting kko a turkey.

That ka wowowowowowowo expression I have used, the buddy of mine I learnt it from, there’s an event we have been putting together for the past one year, and so it does go down this Saturday. We are really having high hopes on the reveler turn up and execution cuz eh.

To every child, a father is their first superhero, I am grateful to call you mine; my anchor upon which my confidence and identity stands.

Its been 10 years without you, G. A lot has really changed. My beard finally connected and so do the side barns that are still indecisive on whether they want to join or not. Still praying for a mustache though. Naye one step at a time. It’ll show up, that, I do trust. There’s also been a new wave of a music genre called Amapiano. Really enjoyable for jamming.

Over time, I have made a name around music as a journalist and playlist curator. Thought I could do what I best on this day as we mark 10 years without you Dad. It is a collection of tracks and everything that reminds me of you.

Even in your demise, you remain the greatest champion of a dad to ever exist. Rest on King! 🕊️🕯️ Happy Father’s Day. Meanwhile this Sunday, it’s your little man’s visitation day, yet to go and catch up with him and he gists me with how the senior 2 class has been taking him. For the unsaid on here, perhaps we shall have the big boys talk then, haha.