As of 2019, the government of Uganda shared statistics that showed an estimate of about 15,000 street children have the streets, and dumpsters for residences. Whereas these are just statistics, the lives and experiences of the children cannot be quantified. As a former street child, David Mubiru AKA (Dad for All Kids), the founder of God’s Children Ministry, understand exactly what it feels like to be just another statistic.

FEATURE: Giving Street Kids Hope for The Future. Here’s David Mubiru’s God’s Children Ministry 1 MUGIBSON
David Mubiru aka #Dad4AllKids with one of the beneficiaries

At the age of 11, David became an orphan and was taken on by his Uncle who did his absolute best to give him an education and a home but eventually, he lost that one too at the age of 13. He ended up on the streets for the better part of his childhood life until the church took him in as a cleaner. It is in the church that he learned about Jesus Christ and built his spiritual acumen and picked interest in humanitarian work.

The fact that no child chooses the street life willingly, the lack of a place to call home, the cold nights, the constant survival mode, the growing up to do before being a child, the fear of tomorrow and yet having to remain hopeful, he lived it all and his desire was for less children to experience that which he did.

This is why this ministry is personal to him, the ability to change even one life, the ability to give back what was taken away from him, the rights he lost at a tender age like the right to health, education, family life, play and recreation, an adequate standard of living and to be protected from abuse and harm.

God’s Children Ministry was founded in 2012 together with Co-founder Lora Redmon with the vision of creating a better world for the street children. A world where their rights are valued and protected. However, God’s Children Ministry cannot do this on their own, the ministry would need to build a community of like-minded people who care about children as much as we do. The goal is to build a home for about 300 street children and orphans and ensure that they get access to their rights.

FEATURE: Giving Street Kids Hope for The Future. Here’s David Mubiru’s God’s Children Ministry 2 MUGIBSON
Lora Redmon during her Last visit to Uganda

If you are interested in making the world a better place, one child at a time, kindly click here to find out the different programs for children or to send a contribution. You can also become a member of the community in which you become part of the activities and accountability processes. 💜🙏🏾

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