With an exclusive dedication to the development of sports, Africa Predict was founded in 2005 in the UK. This was in line with the company’s mission of helping abasibbi b’akapapula (sports bettors) and forecasters make the best predictions every day of the week, while enabling them choose the sports betting sites best suited to their needs.

Africa Predict’s forecasting models are based on historical and statistical analysis of sports events as these enable the company to accurately anticipate as well as accurate possible probability of a sporting result occurring.

The system arrives at a decision/ guess after analyzing over 500,000 results.

The site not only offers Sports Betting tips and predictions, but rather Analysis of online gaming operators, Historical analysis of sports results and sports statistics, offers Real-time sports news, supports Online gaming industry, as well as Legislation.

Africa Predict (Picture: Courtesy)

With the season being on, do give Africa Predict a visit on their site for those stake tips and more.